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Bitcoin to celebrate 10th anniversary on 3rd January: What to expect

Alan Muli



2019 will see Bitcoin celebrate its 10th anniversary since its birth in 2009. The decentralized currency has been for everyone and belongs to no one. There is no official way to commemorate its 10th birthday, but different organizations will have different ways of marking the grand occasion. It has been 10 years since Satoshi mined the founding block of the digital currency. Different walks of crypto-faithful have different ways of commemorating the event.

Cryptocurrency vendors

It is reported that crypto-venders across the globe will commemorate the day by selling memorabilia. Watches, clocks, hardware wallets, t-shirts, and framed print are just but some of the souvenirs that vendors will seek to sell to mark Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary. Souvenirs will sell for different prices and regardless of budget, crypto lovers rest assured of finding something worth to celebrate the coins anniversary.


Bitcoin has bore the brunt of criticism for the better part of the decade. Its 10th anniversary is not going to cut it some slack. Mainstream media is expected to continue with the constant criticism of the coin. Matters digital currency are not fully understood by mainstream media hence the constant criticism. Financial institutions were initially hostile to digital currency, but over recent years they have been able to come to terms with it.

Bitcoin faithful

Bitcoin users are expected to withdraw their funds from crypto-exchanges into non-custodial wallets. The withdrawal is part of a scheme termed proof of keys, a scheme that was created with the aim of returning the ownership of Bitcoin to individuals from third parties.

Business entities and exchange platforms that support Bitcoin are expected to celebrate Bitcoin’s anniversary by giving discounts. Zero-fee trading and others will be awarded to mark the occasion and a number of Bitcoin trivia on social media platforms.

There is no obligation to celebrate the coin’s anniversary, but 10 years is no mean feat. It is an achievement worth toasting to.

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