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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to pay $9.5 million for a 12- night stay in Orion Span space project

Alan Muli



The Orion Span Project announced that it is set to launch a space station hotel in early 2022. The news has sparked a lot of interest among crypto enthusiasts and a 12-night stay is estimated to cost $9.5 million. The news of the launch has been received positively and it is reported that the space hotel is fully booked for the first six months. What’s more is that the hotel will accept cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin cash.

Costs for a 12-night stay in the space station hotel

Space exploration has been a subject that has made headlines countless times. The initiative has most of the time fallen to NASA, but private entities have been showing interest of late. Orion space is one of those entities that has decided to delve into space exploration. The company plans to launch a space station in just under 4 years. Their station, unlike others, will be a hotel that will allow individuals to spend time outside the earth’s atmosphere.

A 12-night stay at the hotel will cost $9.5 million. Interested individuals can also make reservations, but they would have to make a down payment of $80,000. Payment modalities are varied and also include the use of digital assets such as Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin core, and Litecoin. 26 reservations have been made to date from people across the globe. The company believes that it has made the right choice in incorporating digital assets as a modality of payment. The hotel will only host 4-6 guests at a time and two crew members for the 12 nights.

Experience of a lifetime

The Aurora station has been created with a vision of giving clients the ultimate experience. Passengers rest assured of an experience of a lifetime. Clients will be privileged to stay in a zero-gravity environment and also participate and engage in space experiments.

The package is the ideal definition of a good time and has seen overwhelming demand from crypto-lovers all across the globe.


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