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Google Trends reveals most searched question of the year: “What is Bitcoin?”

Alan Muli



Topping the list of the most asked questions is ‘what is Bitcoin?’

Google conducts search query statistics annually and has just published the results for the year 2018. Topping the list of the most asked questions is ‘what is Bitcoin?’ This is so despite reduced searches of the term “Bitcoin” in 2018, as pointed out by Google trends. Instead, people are opting to search for the definition of Bitcoin. The news comes as no surprise considering the recent surge in the popularity of cryptocurrency.

The most asked question of the year 2018

Bitcoin was the most searched term in 2017. This was mainly attributed to the cryptocurrency bubble at the time. This, however, didn’t hold up in 2018 due to a consistent bear market that has seen prices reduce significantly. Despite the decline, people still seemed eager to find out what Bitcoin is.

Most people chose to ask what Bitcoin is because they feel that searching for the phrase yields better results. In populated areas like the U.K. and the U.S., the question outpaced searches for the definition of things like government shutdowns, Ibex and GDPR among others. Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, and South Africa were just but some of the areas where the question was asked the most across the globe. People also searched what Ethereum is, but the numbers were not enough to match those that searched for the definition of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency apps trending

Many people have been seeking the definition of Bitcoin and this was attributed to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency apps. Cash app is among the applications that benefited from this. It is an application that ranks seventeenth as the most popular free iPhone application. This app has been highly rated by users with some of them terming it the best platform that deals with cryptocurrencies.

A notable statistic was that people between the ages of 35-44 have the most difficult time in understanding what cryptocurrency is and was responsible for the largest percentage of the searches.

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