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Bitcoin Cash Finally Listed by New-York Based Exchange Platform Gemini

Alan Muli



Reports on 7th December 2018 had it that Bitcoin cash will finally be listed by cryptocurrency exchange platform Gemini. Gemini publicly made the announcement during the launch of Bitcoin cash to their services. Gemini is one of the biggest New-York based crypto-exchange and has declared that Bitcoin Cash will officially be trading on their platform. The supporters of Bitcoin Cash felt that the move was long overdue since the platform showed interests in doing so sometime back. The service will start operating on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 9.30 am EST where clients will be able to deposit Bitcoin cash in their Gemini accounts and start trading.

Bitcoin Cash Listed by Gemini

BCH enthusiasts were caught by surprise on 7th December 2018 when Gemini exchange announced its support towards the crypto-coin and listed it too. The move caught Bitcoin enthusiasts by surprise. Not many were expecting the exchange platform to support and list Bitcoin considering the tumultuous year it has endured.

BCH will be registered with five other trading assets such as USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, and ZEC. Eric Winer, Gemini’s vice president of engineering, remarked, “Bitcoin cash aims to build on the original goal of Bitcoin of becoming an electronic cash system.”

The company further explained that the BCH will be appointed to the ABC side of the fork. “Any unsupported cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin SV (BSV) sent to the exchange platform will not be recovered. The platform will, however, continue evaluating and considering Bitcoin SV over the coming period but we are still unsure of whether we might support Bitcoin SV transactions in the future,” Eric Winer emphasized.

Since the announcement by Gemini, Bitcoin Cash has overshadowed Bitcoin SV by taking the fifth position in the ranking of the best performing coins. The two Bitcoin assets have been toe to toe in value since the publication.

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