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How HybridBlock Could Disrupt Crypto Trading for Everybody From Novices to Experts

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Cryptocurrency’s revolution as a new technology not only lies in its potential to make the world economy faster, safer, and more efficient. To many millennials, cryptocurrency represented the first time many could invest, trade, and profit. In an era where the financial world is increasingly dominated by firms worth billions of dollars trading with algorithms, the world of cryptocurrency represented the first time many were able to calculate value and gain profit from savvy investment.

Whereas hundreds of dollars of fees simply to trade stocks prohibited many of the Facebook-Generation from participating in traditional stocks, crypto taught a generation that all one needed to wisely invest was an internet connection and some optimism.

Indeed, cryptocurrency as a tool of investment will continue to be a key part of its relationship with the world economy. Jamie Diamond may have been just as scared of crypto as a new fee-less investment for the next generation as a potentially world changing store of value.  As such, the popularization of crypto investment is key to building a staunch constituency to advocate for its protection, as well as its continued viability as a technology.

Currently, crypto exchanges are some of the weakest nodes in the ecosystem. Exchanges continue to be fraught with weaknesses. This drains investor confidence and threatens the tech as financially unviable to trade before it can even reach its potential. Furthermore, exchanges can be the world of early adopters and crypto-zealots, marked by alphabet soup interface and poor designs that turn off potential new investors, and even turn off those who previously made the lunge.

What is needed now is an Amazon of crypto exchanges, a sleek, simple, safe exchange that not only appeals the established HODLers, but their grandmas as well.

That’s where HybridBlock comes in. Seeking to be the first consummate exchange, wallet, and tutorial, HybridBlock hopes to integrate security, simplicity, and design in order to become the leading crypto exchange heading into the future.

It hopes to not only retain the enthusiasm of the past year, but bring in new investors, flooding the market with new liquidity and driving crypto entrepreneurs further and further with their innovation. In order to unlock the world-changing potential of blockchain, a tech that could revolutionize the world economy, it is key that investment is made easy, simple, and available for all.

HybridBlock really functions on three levels as a service. Each mode is geared towards facilitating the spread and popularization of crypto trading, making investing in Ethereum as simple, easy, and secure as ordering shoes online. The average stock investor (and potential new crypto investor) simply doesn’t have the time or patience to research the best wallets, the best exchanges, and the pitfalls of transferring coins to and from exchanges, all in addition to learning about their investments.

HybridBlock hopes to provide these services for the novice trader, but more importantly, educate them so that they can then enter into the crypto ecosystem as educated and prepared participants.

The first level is BaseTrade, an easy-to-use crypto exchange set up to attract first-time traders and new enthusiasts. Aiming to answer that great barrier-to-investment question of, “How do I even buy cryptocurrency?” BaseTrade offers tutorials and a simple how-to on converting fiat to cryptocurrency after a simple, single-step verification.

Stepping in where too many exchanges have failed, BaseTrade hopes to welcome and expand the crypto community by consolidating communal knowledge and giving each customer the agency to act as an individual.

Once invested through BaseTrade, HybridBlock makes it simple to trade for alt-coins or store coins in a secure, remote wallet through its HybridExchange wallet and exchange. HybridExchange will offer a first of its kind “shopping cart”, where an investor can collectively select to buy and sell a number of currencies. This simplification of the process will not only help spread crypto investment, but has the potential to explode liquidity in the market, driving entrepreneurs and further investors alike.

Finally, there is HybridTerminal, the final step for any crypto trader. Designed to access the API’s of partner companies, this terminal would bring automatic and more complex trading to the masses, something that no other exchange has yet provided.

Facilitated by a local token, HybridFX, that allows safe and instant transfer across services, HybridBlock has the potential to revolutionize not only cryptocurrency investment, but retail investment was a whole.

The democratization of crypto investment to middle and late adopters could open up billions of dollars of investment potential for the American Middle Class as well as the developing world. An in-development mobile app would be able to spread intelligent crypto trading to every corner of the world.

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