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Interview With Verifier CEO, Dmitry Nazarov, on Verifying the World

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One of the most fascinating new blockchain startups at the moment is Verifier, an innovative technology designed to verify identity, events, deals, and any other kind of data. This can range from things such as presidential elections to sensitive information or documents used in business transactions.

The innovative technology will essentially match trusted parties with assignments to verify certain things, allowing entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to avoid much of the headache that currently comes with such a process.

To learn more, we sat down with Verifier’s CEO, Dmitry Nazarov, to learn about how he was inspired to start Verifier, why the project is important, and what is coming later in 2018.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started in blockchain?

I am an entrepreneur with a track record in the Telecommunication and Electronics industries. My existing business is 16 years old and widespread over 15 countries, and includes very sophisticated logistics.

My skills and ambitions required search for modern and high margin business.

In the past year, I started a production of “minders” for cryptocurrency mining and that is primarily how I became involved in the Blockchain industry.

2. What was your inspiration behind the project? How did it all start?

Verifier is a first attempt to combine events from real life and digital reality. We want to build international system of events confirmation. I wanted to eliminate the need to completely trust random sources of information about events in business, news, and even people who I only dealt with online.

At the current moment, only corporations have the resources needed to verify things such as documents, assets, experience, or anything else that can be fact-checked. Being an entrepreneur, these have always been frustrating pain points to deal with.

I wanted to open the possibility for everyone from small businesses to governments to have the option of fact checking and or verifying information using a trusted and distributed system. This is exactly what we are doing at Verifier. Remote due diligence using trusted sources for the world to use, both P2P and B2B.

3. What is your competitive advantage?

Right now we are one of the only companies directly addressing this issue. It is also much global and ambitious in scope compared to other projects. We offer a tool for the community that will help people to deal with each other in a secure and much more comfortable way. As for corporate use cases, it will be applicable to just about any industry ranging from retailers to financial services.

Also, we have the application live now for download on both Google Play and the App Store. Unlike other ICOs, we are ready with the technology, team, and roadmap.

4. What is the biggest problem currently in the market?

Current verification solutions are fragmented, expensive, and not practical for most people. Also, there are no universal and reliable technologies that can securely transfer data from real world to the virtual. When you combine these factors, it makes sense that Verifier will combine human and machine intelligence to offer a solution to both problems.

5. What does 2018 have in store for you guys?

Currently, we are in our pre-ICO stage and will be moving into the ICO stage after. Following our token sale, we will begin testing new B2B and P2P platforms as well as launching a global marketing campaign to help us enter new markets. These new markets include the EU, China, and Russia.

Also, we will be announcing an airdrop soon to attract new verifiers around the world.  To participate all you will need to do is download the application and create or fulfill tasks. We are looking for active and engaged participants, with certain distance and quantity limitations to ensure the airdrop is fair for everyone involved. Keep an eye out on our website for more information.

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