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The Rise of Crypto Betting in Esports




The Rise of Crypto Betting in ESports

With so many sporting events being cancelled during the covid pandemic, the world was placed at the half, with sports bettors eager to bet on any sporting event. Online gambling and casino sites tried to find ways to entertain the gambler, to provide outlets where the customer can enjoy themselves, even when sporting events are closed. In come, esports and the world went wild, seeking bitcoin bookmakers to wager on their new favourite go-to sporting event.

The rise of cryptocurrencies is also notable nowadays. Whilst the masses enjoy shopping and gambling using your traditional bank card, and others enjoy the perils and thrills that cryptocurrencies offer. This includes having better protection of your online identity. The massive security shiel0hd protects you and your payments, immediate payment transfers with no delays, hidden fees and better games exclusive to crypto gambling sites.

With both esports and cryptocurrencies experiencing a boost in the rest years, it was only a matter of time before both would join up to bring you a better esports gambling experience. Let’s dig deeper into why.

The best esports events to bet on

With so many people spending more time indoors, esports became more popular as the world stood at a standstill. Forget the traditional greyhound and horse racing. Esports reached new heights with new games and tournaments to bet on, and you are guaranteed a great time.

You can start your esports betting on many sporting events; today, we picked the best of the very best sporting events and tournaments to bet on.

Arena of Valor – The Area of Valor is also regarded as the Honour of Kings and is an esports event that hosts 16 teams batting out in an arena. Enjoying 100 million players and counting, Arena of Valor organises cups annually to join global players in an online gaming festival. Arena of Valor is one of the most wagered on esports events out there. Maybe cause the lucky winner will score home a massive 1 million prize?

Dota 2 – Dota2 is the right esports event for you if you like combat games involving a multiplayer platform. Betting on a Dota 2 tournament will see you choose between 2 teams of 5 players on each side. The aim is to defeat the opposing’s team keep, with the team with the last players standing and winning the tournament.

League Of Legends World Championships – Whilst League of Legends organises many events throughout the year, the biggest event that every bettor is waiting for has to be the League of Legends World Championships. With the tournament happening annually over seven weeks, you can bet freely using crypto and make sure to guess the player and team that will end up victorious. With an overall prize pool of $1.8 million, League of Legends draws in around 100 million monthly players. With such a massive betting community following, gamblers get creative with their League of Legend bets, including who will kill who first, the undisputed overall winner and even which teams will destroy which locations.

How to use cryptocurrency for your esports bets

Now that you have a rough idea of the best esports events to bet on, it is time to discuss how you can place esports wagers using cryptocurrency. You would need to find a gambling site that supports crypto payments. Shopping around and reading casino review sites would be beneficial here, providing you with unbiased site comparisons and bonus information.

After souring your esports betting site, it is time to choose your cryptocurrency, with many gamblers’ option to pump their bankroll with Bitcoins. Locating an exchange site to buy your Bitcoins is next on your to-do list, with sites such as Gemini and Coinbase being the most go-to sites. Secondly, you would need to set up your Bitcoin e-wallet, with Exodus and Copay being top of the ranks as chosen e-wallet platforms. Finally, linking your exchange account to your e-wallet is the final step that allows you to deposit your Bitcoins. Finally, once you have chosen your esports betting site, you can click on the Cashier/Payments section, hit the deposit button, and then select Bitcoin as your deposit method.

Once your cryptocurrency betting account is credited with your funds, you can head to the sports section of the betting sites and click the section that highlights and features esports.

Benefits of betting on esports

Esports has grown through recent years, with the last two years seeing a massive boost in esports betting. Many gambling sites know very well that punters that enjoy esports are always looking for that extra spice, that new event that will get adrenalin kicking. If you want to start your esports experience, you will be exposed to many international events to bet on. Some to check out include Volorant, Dota2, Call of Duty, King of Glory, Starcraft 2 and more.

Some other benefits of waging on esports include the extra rewards that betting sites offer you.  New punters joining a site to bet on esports events will be offered perks such as additional cash bets for newcomers, free bets when betting a specific amount on esports, and wagering and betting during weekly events.

The future of esports and cryptocurrency

As the gaming world continues to evolve, we expect many new things to rock our perfect gambling umbrella. Face and perhaps voice recognition will soon feature in our favourite gambling sites, with live gaming providers promising us live dealer-based slot machines.

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies will continue to walk towards normality as more players seek crypto to fund their gambling. Esports will continue to evolve, with more tournaments being offered for us to binge on. As both worlds of crypto and esports continue to merge, the future looks bright for esports gambling sites, with us enjoying every perk along the way.

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