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Top 7 Video Streaming Development Services




Video Streaming

Building a video streaming app all by yourself can turn out to be a very difficult, if not impossible task to do. However, many video streaming development services are available to help you bring your project to life.

Technology has evolved a lot over the past few decades, and now television is no longer the main source of entertainment. It has been overshadowed by the much more convenient and versatile internet. Streaming has now become the norm.

Blockchain-based streaming platforms are also gaining popularity.  Livepeer, YouNow, PopNetwork, and the STREAM project lead a number of emerging startups that are leveraging blockchain technology and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in an effort to disrupt Netflix, YouTube, and other traditional online video platforms. The need for secure content storage, privacy protections, transparency, and ease of distribution have made blockchain a natural technology partner for video streaming services.

You’ll no longer have to deal with long publicity breaks or worry about getting home on time to catch your favorite show. With streaming, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, that’s the beauty of it.

As we’ve previously said, developing a video streaming app is no easy feat, so here are some of the best development services.

1. OodlesTechnologies 

This is an interesting one. Oodles provides 360-degree video development that focuses on improving the viewing experience. Their team is specialized both on native and hybrid development frameworks.

2. BR Softech 

BR is especially renowned for its live-streaming video app development. Like in the first case, they are proficient in using native and hybrid apps. Also, they are into VR software development.

3. TheAppLabb

Another great development company is TheAppLabb. It promises to bring a personalized media experience that allows users to stream movies, music, live events, etc.

Also, it integrates an AI system that converts unstructured data into useful info, which comes in handy if you’re looking for a way to monetize your app.

4. VerveLogic 

Besides offering streaming app development services, they are starting to get involved with the IoT (Internet of Things) technology as well. Besides app development, they also help you with improving your branding, logo design, app design and much more.

5. Concetto Labs

A company with over 6 years of experience and over 160 mobile apps developed, Concetto Labs in one of the leading companies in the app development industry.

6. AscentSpark

This company is well suited for streaming app development. Since it works with infrastructure Google Cloud, Amazon AWS server platforms and more, they promise to bring a great experience to its users without any lagging or glitches.

7. AIS Technolabs

This is another company that specializes in hybrid app development. Besides providing you with a good quality live streaming app, it also lets its users broadcast their own stream from pretty much anywhere.


With that being said, developing a video streaming app isn’t as easy, that’s why you have to leave it in the hands of professionals. The companies listed here are great examples of app development businesses.

The video streaming industry has grown in popularity, and it will only go even further in the coming years. It’s amazing to see how technology has evolved in such a short time.

No longer are the days when you simply had to stare at the windows of the train if you were unlucky enough to not have a book around you while on your travels.

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