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7 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins in 2020




Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins in 2020

There are plenty of opportunities to earn Bitcoin in 2020 and beyond. For example, you can play games online and receive native coin rewards. Alternatively, you can buy and sell crypto-collectibles. In short, the opportunities are many.

Let’s dive into seven of the best ways to earn Bitcoins in 2020. 

Seven Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins

With 2019 at an end, let’s dive deeper into tricks people are using to earn Bitcoins, and the most effective ways to do it.

1. Gambling

Before you fall for a scam, check out online casino reviews to find the best options for you. Also remember, you will typically lose money when you gamble, but there are legitimate ways of earning small amounts of bitcoin for free on gambling sites. These sites will usually be full of ads, but you’ll get bitcoin rewards from playing games on such platforms. For example, casino Mr Bet is a great place to start. 

2. Faucets

By far, the most popular bitcoin faucet is the MoonBitcoin faucet, which you can gain small amounts of Bitcoin. Generally speaking, faucets allow you to gain satoshis by solving captchas, and gaining additional bonuses when you regularly log in to the site. When a faucet holds a site visitor for an extended period, it usually translates to higher ad revenues. Hence, as the site’s owner benefits from increased engagement, so do you. 

3. Bitcoin Games

Many online games are currently rewarding players with small amounts of bitcoin. Similarly to faucets, the site’s visitor is rewarded from their engagement with the advertisements available on the sites. You can play and view ads. The gaming site is a great source for advertisers, who reach out to people by offering bitcoin in prizes. 

4. Referral programs

Affiliate marketing is an emerging means of marketing that is preferred by several companies in all industries. The same case applies to the cryptocurrency industry. How? Well, when you refer a friend to a service, you can earn discounts, loyalty reward points, and even get some satoshis. For starters, the most popular referral program in the crypto space is CoinSwitch, which has a referral program that allows you to earn $5 by referring a friend who makes a transaction of a minimum of $100. What’s more? Your friend receives $5, too. All the payouts are made in Bitcoin, with the minimum payout amount is 0.005BTC. 

5. Mining

This is the oldest and still the most appealing way of earning Bitcoin. With bitcoin mining, you can essentially make money from nothing. All you need is your computer to mine bitcoin. Also, you will need a bitcoin miner and join a mining pool. The mining pool will allow you to leverage the combined effort of multiple miners, and split the rewards according to the contribution of each miner. However, you may need to invest in the computing power used to dedicate bitcoin mining to make a significant amount of bitcoin. 

6. Selling products and services

You can make money online by selling products and services. Once you find what to sell online, you can choose to sell these products and services in Bitcoin. Many retailers are accepting Bitcoin payments. Steadily, Bitcoin is creeping into our day-to-day activities such as Xbox, Expedia, KFC Canada, and more. 

7. Trading

If you want to make bitcoin from trading, consider doing arbitrage. There are many opportunities for arbitrage in the cryptocurrency industry. You can buy an asset at a specific price from one place, and sell the same asset on another marketplace for a higher price. You only have to do extensive research in Bitcoin exchanges to find concrete opportunities. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this Syndicate Casino Review to learn how you can earn extra income by investing your time and skill.

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