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First social trading blockchain platform with authenticated trader track records

Eseandre Mordi



The high volatility of crypto assets has meant that traders can reap greater profits from buying and selling of digital assets. This has led to a number of crypto exchanges around the world. Even with their great offerings, a vast number of trading pairs and benefits, none of them are social. The traders do not know each other.

If an investor wants to trade, he or she does not know anything about the trader. The only way to understand the positioning and the expertise of the trader is only to follow one through their social media accounts, which are heavily biased since the trader is tooting his/her own horn.

Current Issues

Trino is a blockchain based trade platform that allows traders and investors to not only connect, but allow investors to know the real standing of the trader. The problem arises for investors when they do not possess enough trading expertise and need to rely on a third party to invest their funds. This is much like a traditional broker trading system.

In the real-world trading, brokers are physical beings who are accountable through their place of work, real name and existence. Their reputation is always on the line. In the virtual world of online trading, a trader can be anyone and claim to be someone else. This can be a point of concern for an investor and develop deep mistrust issues.

Another issue that faces current crypto trading platforms is, like any fiat-based trading, investors have to hand over their funds to the traders. This means the trader is in total control of the funds and can scam the investor at any time.

The third issue, is the liquidity and the availability of other trading options, such as fiat and futures. Most exchanges are geared towards crypto to crypto trading and largely ignore other options that investors would be interested in.

Trino: Solving Trading Issues

Trino, with its unique social aspects, gives investors options that other trading platforms lack. The platform has features such as:

  • Verifiable Trades and Traders: Using blockchain to record every transaction done by a trader, the platform creates a record of all the transactions made by the traders. An investor can check on the past trades and reputation of a trader before committing his or her funds. Since the information is saved using blockchain technology, investors are assured that the information they view is not tampered and secure.
  • Secure Funds: Since the platform is blockchain based, it employs smart contracts and the platform never gets to touch funds of investors. This means there is no chance of the funds being lost or stolen, even if the platform is hacked.
  • Crypto Feed Aggregation: Investors and traders are given an aggregated information of large crypto exchanges, allowing them to view exchange to exchange price differences and act accordingly, thereby increasing profitability and the ability to cut down on losses in case of a bear scenario.
  • Low Fee: With extremely low fee on trades and transactions, the platform gives investors and traders maximum profit, even at lower volume trades.
  • Deep Liquidity: With not only crypto assets being traded, fiat is also an option. This means investors and traders can instantly trade out their crypto assets for liquid cash and have it transferred to their banks.
  • Other Trades: The platform, apart from crypto to crypto and foreign exchange trades, also offers future trading and equities, bringing a multitude of tradable assets under one roof.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Using advanced AI, the platform offers traders and investors to reap benefits of pattern recognition and gain an edge over other trading markets.
  • Third Party Analytics: The platform also has an option for investors and traders to connect their favourite third party analytical tools with their accounts and gain further insights into trades.

Trino CEO, Robert Flohr, was very excited about the platform and said, “Trino brings the vast but segmented world of crypto trading and investing together in a transparent, communal way. We’re bringing everyone together from the altcoin trading world and the traditional markets and using smart contracts to verify transactions and establish authenticated trading records. This way, new traders can build a reputation and grow their client-base, and investors can be 100% confident with whom they’re trusting their money. And we do all of this with a clean, one-stop-shop UX design. We aim to be the Alibaba of crypto trading and investing.


The Trino platform will be powered by its native, TRINO token. The use of token will give added advantages (along with the many already being offered) to users, traders and investors alike. The TRINO will be available for early backers and investors in the coming months, when its coin offering will start. The sale of the TRINO token will also see the alpha launch of the Trino trading platform.

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