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iEstate and iFunded: The Future Of Digital Real Estate Investment

Eseandre Mordi



Transactions in real estate business can be a grueling and daunting process, as it is a market that requires some backbreaking procedures, such as contracted exchanges, proof of ownership and other exhausting rules and regulations, that render real estate business transactions tiring, expensive, time-consuming and rigid.

However, currently, there is hope for real estate business owners, as  Michael Stephan has created platforms through which real estate businesses can grow and blossom, without too much stress on the business owners. The platforms named iEstate and iFunded, are created to help real estate business owners transact businesses easy and swiftly.

iEstate is a subsidiary of iFunded. iFunded is an established global digital investing platform founded in 2015, that partners with banks and investors, to provide business owners the financial backing and support to invest in real estate business via various loan structures.

iFunded was created to provide real estate business owners with uninterrupted and full access to pre-vetted real estate business ventures.

A Global Real Estate Token Platform

iEstate is a global real estate token platform,  that issues a security token based on real estate debt, and will quickly follow up with an equity-based token. It is a transaction platform that provides real estate business owners, with liquid investments to help them conduct their transactions efficiently and effectively.

iEstate was founded in order to cut out the problems of middlemen in the real estate business, while providing a fast and cheap means of making business bearable for the business owners, with the use of advanced technology.

iEstate was created in February 2018, to change and upgrade real estate transactions, with the use of blockchain technology.

This digital platform offers real estate business owners,  the opportunity to examine the authenticity and legitimacy of the projects they are about to embark on, and also provide them with resources needed to conduct  profitable and stress free transactions.

Exploring the Power Of Blockchain

iEstate digital platform makes use of blockchain, to boost the speed and accuracy of the transactions in real estate, and the use of smart contracts to ensure optimal transparency. With blockchain, real estate business owners have the opportunity to conduct  free and fair transactions, without any party feeling cheated or slighted in the real estate market.

Also, blockchain provides the business owners with up to date public records of their transactions chronologically.

Other than blockchain, there are several other  benefits of the iEstate tokenized digital real estate platform which include:

  • Accessibility: This platform is open to all and sundry.  There are no particular set of individuals or entities involved,  it is for all real estate business owners who wants to conduct their businesses with hassles, stress and chaos.
  • Market liquidity: With iEstate, real estate business owners can decide to sell off their properties at any time they want,  without any obstructions or delay. Also, this sale won’t affect the price of the property in any kind of way. The property owner can be rest assured of getting the exact value of their property.
  • Automated Compliance (KYC/AML): With the introduction of blockchain to the real estate business, it is possible to have the full details of all the participants in the business stored digitally. These data can also be used for different transactions, with the consent and knowledge of the owners of the data.  There is no pulling the wool over anyone, as every one knows everyone they are conducting business with.
  • Interoperability: iEstate gives room for users to conduct businesses at different secured levels and stages.

iEstate is designed to allow users invest in pre-selected properties, which would make investing in real estate easier, interesting and fastest. It is also going to make the acquisition of real estate debt easier to acquire. Not only that, it also guarantees an easy pay off, with the use of the platform’s issued security tokens.

iEstate is scheduled to open in the first and second quarter of the year 2019, with a capital of 100 million. It is set to target investors in different countries of the world such as Europe, Brazil,  Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia and UK

This platform is aimed at providing a good life,  for real estate business owners who might be having difficulties in conducting transactions. They can now comfortably conduct businesses without fear of getting duped or going bankrupt.

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