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GMM Launched E-Platform APP Showing Its “Grand Design” of Ambition




GMM Launched E-Platform APP Showing Its “Grand Design” of Ambition

In May 2020, the GMM project released its e-platform APP version 1.0. This solid milestone is the first step of the GMM’s “grand design” of its comprehensive e-platform project.

GMM, Gold Mining Members, was listed on XT exchange last month and is showing off a remarkable record every week. Four of the founding companies of this GMM project are specialists in Game, Finance, Investments, and Gold Mining.

GMM Foundation suggests a sustainable ecosystem, as APP 1.0 is the very start of its long term project. As GMM APP 1.0 verifies the productivity and value of GMM by connecting coin with the world’s most valuable and secured material, gold, entertainment, and e-commerce will be added on in the form of a comprehensive all-in-one platform. To boost and hold GMM’s higher value safer, foundation plans to share half of the profits for burn and buyback.

GMM APP integrates crypto wallet and GMM “Miner” which provide considerable profit to all GMM users. Anyone who has GMM token can transfer their token into the APP to buy the “Miner”. Direct Purchase with USDT is also available.

There are 3 grades of miners available which are entry-level, middle-level and advanced-level. The higher the miner’s grade, the higher the investment profit. In addition, users who first join the e-platform will get a trial miner for free.

To create a positive cycle for the e-platform, a well-designed referral mechanism has been introduced in the system. Users and KOLs can earn a significant prize by building their own GMM communities and get rewards instantly. A 24*7 service has also been provided to all users. They can check their asset status and access to the e-platform from anywhere at any time.

According to Henry K, the Foundation Director of GMM “only 10% of total GMM supply will be used on the Miners”. The limited supply of GMM token and its endorsement from real gold business in African regions to increase the stability and profitability of the GMM token investment.

Besides the financial investment functions, two blockchain games are also available in the 1.0 version. One is a crypto jackpot and another is the BTC price predictor. Both games can be joined with GMM token and various surprise prizes are waiting for everyone. GMM Foundation announced that “more games are on the way already. The APP is basically the beginning. A fresh Start. We wanted to test the great Chinese market and begin with the simplest games to introduce more complicated ones. We aim to build one of the biggest blockchain game ecosystems, and we are very confident as we, all four of the founding companies, have strong backgrounds”

“The GMM presents its motto as ‘Game is Mining, Mining is Earning, Earning for Sharing’. Without any doubt, this launch of 1.0 APP shows a very confident signal to the market. We have reason to believe that the future of GMM will be much brighter,” he added.

So far, the roadmap shows APP, e-Platform, offline malls, and even payment systems that can be added on the world’s three greatest payment solutions.

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