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Upland Virtual Property Game Creates CryptoKitties Retirement Island




Upland Virtual Property Game Creates CryptoKitties Retirement Island

Today the developers of the blockchain-based property trading game and virtual parallel world Upland announced to its community that it has created “an island retirement resort for all your hardworking CryptoKitties” just off the coast of San Francisco.

In a nod to blockchain pioneer Dapper Labs and its highly successful digital cat collecting & breeding game, Upland is running a week-long event. Starting today at 7 AM PDT and running through 7 AM PDT on June 30th, CryptoKitties players can send some of their many beloved but less fruitful cats to Upland’s in-game island retirement community where they will “be immortalized in our platform, enjoying the beaches, sipping milk-based cocktails, laying around in the sun and enjoying all the fish they can eat”.

In exchange, participants get a chance to win up to 75,000 UPX, Upland’s in-game currency. The more CryptoKitties retired, the higher the participant’s ranking, which will be tracked via leaderboard. And, of course, they are encouraged to join Upland where they can visit their retired cats on the Angel Island retirement community any time. Full details and a tutorial can be found here.

The Upland game platform is a virtual layer mapped to real-world addresses that offers players true ownership of digital property that they can buy, trade, and sell via an open marketplace.

Launched as an open beta with properties in San Francisco early this year, future iterations of Upland will expand to include other cities and regions throughout the world, the possibility to erect structures on properties, and will enable developers to build and run businesses on the platform.

To join Upland on iOS, Android or via the Web use this link .

To learn more, please visit

About Uplandme, Inc

Uplandme, Inc. was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Dirk Lueth, Idan Zuckerman, and Mani Honigstein. The company is based in Silicon Valley and develops the game Upland. The company’s mission is to empower mass markets with ‘true ownership’ of digital assets in an open economy via blockchain technology and creating gamified experiences at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds. Upland launched a closed beta in June 2019, gaining early adopters worldwide. The new open beta version can be joined at

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