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Top 15 ICO Review Sites You Should Bookmark

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Even if you don’t have the time to become a crypto or blockchain expert, you likely do have the time to tap into some readily available resources that have already done most of the heavy lifting for you. For anyone interested in either launching a coin offering or buying into one should be utilizing the research and guidance offered on ICO review sites.

The purpose of these sites is to uncover both the viability and value-proposition of a coin-based company, and distinguish the companies touting wistful and fleeting ideas from those that have the potential to make a real and lasting impact on their respective industry.

Throughout these sites, ratings and analysis are conducted based on multiple factors ranging from the vision, white paper, team leadership, roadmap, and the product itself. Ratings sites present a clear picture on an upcoming offering that educates prospective investors on the technology driving this disruptive organization and the potential risks that might arise in its future.

Included below is a list of 15 sites for you to bookmark and study before buying into an up-and-coming sale.  

  1. ICO Reports – Doubling as a listing site, ICO Reports offers clear and concise reviews. Their reviews cover the specifications of the project, links to the bios of each team member, as well as the exact details and dates of their coin offering. If you need to conduct additional research, this site also includes direct links to the websites, whitepapers, and social links of every project.
  2. ICOCharts – The team behind ICOCharts holds their site to rigorous standards. They know how easy it is to be duped by flashy site aesthetics and marketing campaigns. So to help their readers avoid backing doomed project listings, they carefully review and analyze each ICO listing submitted to their website based on the project’s code, team’s experience, and the quality of the white paper among other factors.
  3. Crush Crypto – Navigating the ICO world can be daunting for beginners. Crush Crypto makes it easy to jump in with their ICO guides, project reviews, and market updates. If you want to learn more about a specific project, they also offer full-scale breakdowns of each project, concluding with their analysis on each project’s flipping and long-term viability.
  4. ICO Rating – In addition to including project overviews, details of the sale, and team backgrounds, ICO Rating also publishes ratings based on investment, hype, and risk to help potential buyers assess the quality of a listed project. One of the key categories here is their “Risk Score,” which accounts for potential fraudulent activities. Risk scores are based on the amount of information available, including project details and team background — the higher the score, the more likely the potential of fraud.
  5. – In addition to publishing guides to help individuals either conduct background research on an upcoming coin offering or, potentially, launch an offering of their own, Cryptosis also offers reviews of projects on their blog. The Cryptosis team conducts analysis and gives ratings on five pillars: Community, Prototype, Tokenomics, Team, and Idea.
  6. ICO Finch – Using their arsenal of proprietary tools, the ICO Finch team analyzes current and imminent coin offerings. The site offers an overall rating of each product based on four areas: profile, product, team, and hype.
  7. Smith + Crown – Smith + Crown is one of the foremost authorities in ICO assessment. Their team conducts thorough research on upcoming ICOs, taking into account not just the team, vision, and product, but also the state of the market the project aims to disrupt and competitive prospects.
  8. CoinSchedule – CoinSchedule’s ICO reviews are steeped in its proprietary Trust Scores. The Trust Scores do not aim to predict the outcome of a token sale; rather, they are designed to educate potential buyers on the credibility of a project based on Know Your Customer information and profile data.
  9. TokenTops – TokenTops publishes user and community reviews for every ICO project listed. While any user can list a review of a project, the site’s moderators thoroughly assess each one before publishing to ensure they are fact-based and not paid-for spam content.
  10. CryptoSmile – CryptoSmile offers a concise breakdown of upcoming offerings. Each post includes a project’s details, roadmap, and team background. Links to websites, whitepapers, and telegram accounts are also included on this site.
  11. ICO Hot List – ICO Hot List is designed to help readers assess which upcoming offerings are worth their time and money. The team reviews each project’s team and product thoroughly.
  12. ICOBazaar – ICOBazaar’s project reviews are based on the site’s own rating methodology. Listed projects are assessed and weighted based on: project idea + whitepaper, team, media + community, technical implementation, and website.
  13. CoinMarketPlus – CoinMarketPlus’ team of experts review ICO listings based on team, ICO information, product, and marketing. The ratings are designed to offer increased transparency of the quality of current and up-and-coming coin offerings.
  14. ICOMarketData – ICOMarketData is highly concerned with helping audiences and potential investors avoid scams. To achieve this, their team of experts conduct in-depth evaluations on the team, product, token economics, and business plan of each listing.
  15. ICOHolder – ICOHolder publishes detailed information about token projects in addition to their own review. Each review is based on ICO Profile, team, vision, product, activity, and potential.

The purpose of these sites is to uncover both the viability and value-proposition of a coin-based company, and distinguish the companies touting wistful and fleeting ideas from those that have the potential to make a real and lasting impact on their respective industry.

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