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Navibration Launches Private Token Sale to Bring a Vibration-Based Navigation System to Users Globally

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Navibration S.L. (hereafter “Navibration”), a Spain-based technology company, backed by the Government of Spain and with a patented technology, has announced the launch of a global token sale that will be comprised of a few different stages (private sale, public pre-sale and public main sale). At this point, the private sale is now live and will include accepting private investors at the most attractive terms in the token sale.

Navibration is creating a next-generation navigation system which will redefine not only the way we move in unknown places, but all of the details and secrets of new places. The best part is that application and ecosystem will leverage blockchain technology to incentive users.

All this will be achieved through the world’s first social network of audioguided tours (Navibration Experiences), where content will be created by the users: experts in cities, writers, translators, speakers, reviewers, travelers, etc. will have a place on the platform. Each new tour created will be available for sale on the platform and will be controlled by smart contracts to ensure transparency, proper incentives, and user engagement. Users who decide to purchase a tour will be guided from one place to another through the patented navigation system that leverages vibration: say goodbye to maps and the need for internet connection!

Navibration Experiences is much more than just an idea: the navigation system by vibration is already developed and patented, with a working MVP available on both iOS and Android platforms (Navibration App). The next phase is the introduction of blockchain technology.

So far, the project has gained major support from users, industry experts, and even the Spanish government. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain has supported the project with an early stage investment for development and a seal of approval.

Founder Francisco Merino states, “We are excited to share the upcoming Navibration token sale with the entire world. We’ve been working hard during the last few months in order to have a stable MVP to show and to build a solid Advisory Board, which we are really proud of. We assume big changes take time for people to adapt and what we are presenting today is something completely innovative that doesn’t exist yet, but has the potential to change the way people travel, discover and interact. When you are able to master our new navigation system by vibration and discover a new city through it, you realize that this project can make history.” 

Token Sale Details

The dates for the public pre-sale and public main sale still have to be determined, but the private sale is already running and open for Accredited Investors and Venture Capitals.

KYC process will be carried out for all participants. 

About Navibration

Navibration claims to reinvent the way of knowing the world around us. We will take advantage of blockchain technology to build a fair and transparent ecosystem in which users, besides creating and enjoying content, are rewarded for their contribution. A market of over 1.5 billion travellers is awaiting us, since our products can be used at any corner in the world. The project has been backed by the Spanish Government and is currently live in both iOS and Android platforms.






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