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OPP Open WiFi Announces Innovative Token Share Offering

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As the ICO landscape changes, companies are now offering more incentives to investors, including dividends, equity stakes, and revenue shares. ICO’s are often criticized because they do not offer investors the chance to share in the ongoing profits generated by a company in the same way that the traditional IPO does. In an IPO you buy shares in the company, each share you buy entitles you to a share of the yearly profits (dividend).

One such company, OPP Open WiFi, has broken the mold by being one of the first companies to offer a share of their profits with the tokens bought in their public sale. Currently, OPP Open WiFi has surpassed their soft cap and are picking up momentum with their latest announcement. The company has already onboarded 84,000 WiFi hosts around the world to help bring WiFi access to people who may not have previously had it.

How does OPP Open WiFi make money?

As potential investors analyze the potential to share a revenue stake, one question is at the core – how does OPP make money? Simply put, the company has listed various revenue generating channels, including:

● Affiliate Marketing Partners — Hotspot Hosts will be able to shop online via global online retailers such as Amazon,, Skyscanner, and many many more. OPP Open WiFi will be paid a commission on all of these sales.

● Advertising, Push Notifications — OPP has established an MOU with Permission Media Group LTD (UK) a leading advertising/media agency, The Permission Media Group will have advertising rights across OPP’s platforms and will manage the splash page and push notification advertising. They have committed to paying OPP Open WiFi on a 50% — 50% equal split basis giving us advertising revenues within 36 months that exceed $20m million annually.

WiFi Hosts — Right now over 85,000 Hotspot Hosts are ready to download the app and start generating income both for themselves and for OPP Open WiFi. The target is to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of this year.

Additionally, each of the first 70 million OPP Tokens sold during their ICO will carry a share of the future profits made by OPP Open WiFi until 2023 and the company has set aside 30% of theur annual profits to be shared amongst the first 70 million tokens sold. If you have already bought tokens, then you also have a share of the profits. If you are interested in learning more you can now by clicking here.

Projected income based upon the amount you invest. Note, these are strictly internal projections. Please consult your financial advisor or counsel before making any investment decisions.




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