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$PAC Joins “The Tour de Crypto”

Eseandre Mordi



$PAC is delighted to announce yet another charitable initiative in conjunction with The Tour de Crypto. A core objective at $PAC is the use of cryptocurrency in charity with 5% of all rewards generated allocated to charitable initiatives.  The Tour de Crypto is an annual cycling event run under the motto “Mass Adoption” through good intentions. $PAC has joined the tour through an initial donation of $1000 USD via $PAC coins. This donation was voted for by the $PAC community through $PAC’s decentralised funding system.  Aside from this donation, $PAC community members will be able to donate directly to this worthwhile initiative. In doing so they will be supporting an extremely important cause – the Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC), the central charitable cause for this years event. The target this year is to collect $1,000,000 USD for charity via cryptocurrencies which will also act to demonstrate the important role digital currencies have in the charitable context.

The Tour de Crypto is the brainchild of two cryptocurrency enthusiasts – Jason Berlin and Jovel Velasquez. Together they decided to create a national bike tour spanning the USA in which various cryptocurrencies such as $PAC compete to accumulate the largest donation. Throughout the event, the donation totals for each cryptocurrency can be monitored on the Tour de Crypto Leaderboard Page. The tour began on September 14th in Hampton, New York and will end on November 11th at Huntington Beach, California. Throughout the event Jason and his team will be providing continuous updates on all news and developments via live social media posts. A video crew also be recording the tour from start to finish culminating in a comprehensive documentary on the event, the participating cryptocurrencies and their journey across America. The aim being to educate both those in the crypto sphere and beyond on this landmark event.

$PAC and Houston Area Women’s Center

At $PAC we are spearheading the role of cryptocurrency in society through an array of exciting initiatives spanning across the globe, HAWC being one of these initiatives. HAWC provides shelter and rehabilitation programs for people, often children, who have survived domestic and sexual violence. Essentially creating a safe and healthy environment through advocacy, education, housing and other support services. HAWC is a leading non-profit charity enjoying a 4 star rating from the Charity Navigator in terms of accountability and transparency. HAWC accepts donations in $PAC coins, along with an array other cryptocurrencies. 100% of all donations go directly to the charity.

$PAC Charitable Initiatives

The Tour de Crypto has been designated as a key $PAC social initiative as both organisations hold the core objective of promoting Crypto’s role in the wider charitable context. The event represents an exciting new trend and has already gained wide attention and clearly demonstrates the increasingly important impact that digital currencies hold in the nonprofit sector. It is an important and necessary addition to traditional fundraising as the two worlds progressively become more interdependent. In addition the event gives broad exposure to the usage of digital currencies in the wider environment and a provides a perfect opportunity for $PAC to demonstrate the need for social responsibility in digital financial sector.  

For those unfamiliar with $PAC, it is a form of digital money based on a state-of-the-art secure financial blockchain network. This network is secured by masternodes which provide services and an increased level of security. Please refer to the video link below for a more a detailed explanation of masternodes:

$PAC acts as an alternative payment method to traditional paper money and boasts faster transactions and extremely low transaction fees. This makes it an attractive alternative solution to fiat currencies such as the US Dollar or the Euro. This functionality makes $PAC the ideal method of payment for worldwide cost efficient donations and financial transactions.

Robin Matthes, Director of Charity for $PAC Stated:

“In the future, I would like to see more charities aside from accepting $PAC as a payment method also integrating blockchain technology into their daily operations. Currently, donations flow to various organizations, and rarely will any donation arrive at its destination intact (this can almost be considered to be a rule of thumb, taking into account e.g. salaries of the persons who manage the organisations; banker/exchange rates between the donor and recipients country; intermediaries; etc.). With $PAC, you can eliminate all these factors and the required funds will flow directly to those in need or their associated non-profit charities. This makes a charity-giving-process much more efficient. In this light I am curious to see what charity the Tour de Crypto will be funding a year from now.”

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$PAC is the successor of PAC coin (PACcoin) via a community rebrand and relaunch

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