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The world’s first Bitcoin-based dApp “TEMCO” has entered a strategic partnership with “BLOCKCHAIN i”

Eseandre Mordi



On October 16th, TEMCO, a supply chain platform and the world’s first Bitcoin dApp has entered a strategic partnership with the Crypto Fund and Blockchain Accelerator ‘BLOCKCHAIN i’.

Andre Kim, the CEO of ‘BLOCKCHAIN i’, who strongly supports the partnership with TEMCO, “The most profound feature I found during the meetings, was the fact you can see the entire distribution process from production to delivery in real-time.” He also added, “I found a great business potential in that the whole process is saved in the blockchain and the data is readily available to consumers.”

TEMCO is a supply chain platform that aims to create a system that can share supply chain information in real-time by connecting all the producers, intermediate distributors, and consumers through blockchain technology. In particular, TEMCO aims to innovate the supply chain industry by providing a Business Intelligence (BI) tool for small and mid-size businesses to utilize the data in the blockchain for business insights and consumer application for consumers for user-friendly service.

TEMCO’s Co-Founder and CEO Scott Yoon also openly supports the partnership with BLOCKCHAIN i by saying, “BLOCKCHAIN i and TEMCO have worked together from the beginning of the project on issues across-the-board, from which we learned a lot about the industry and gained key insights. I’m looking forward to the insights that blossoms from this prolonged partnership and will work towards growing this company to phenomenal proportions.” Also, “Through BLOCKCHAIN i, the TEMCO team was able to meet global partners such as RSK (the world’s first Bitcoin-based smart contract platform). The partnership with BLOCKCHAIN i and RSK are one of many strategic alliances to come. Through more partnerships, TEMCO will be able to become Korea’s first Bitcoin dApp.”

BLOCKCHAIN i is a firm engaged in accelerating, investing, advising and incubating various domestic and global companies and projects. The former CEO of BitGo, Will O’Brien, serves as a key advisor. BLOCKCHAIN i has also established notable partnerships with ICO Today and Nexus One, as well as investing and accelerating RSK, Origo, Blockcloud, Chromapolis, Insureum, and Hint Chain.


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