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VENJOCOIN (VJC): Airdrop & Dapp is Happening




VENJOCOIN (VJC): Airdrop & Dapp is Happening

Airdrop for VJC Holders

VENJOCOIN will be distributing VJC tokens to investors via airdrop in Q3, as Venjocoin had officially ended their ICO period on 28 February 2019. The Team is preparing for release of the VJC token among the investors that had funded this project. According to the technical team, the VJC token will be used in conjunction with their upcoming VENJOCOIN Decentralized App that is able to store, trade, and track VJC, enabling investors to fully utilize the token.

What is the Benefit of VJC ?

VJC is a trusted open source and transparent investment, all users will know the operating rules of the system and verify ledger contents as well as the authenticity and ledger construction history. Efficiency is another reason VJC is worth investing, real-time transaction data are being displayed on Venjocoin platform with a highly responsive protocol. Low-Cost asset registration is due to Venjocoin ability to simplify the process by eliminating the needs of a long process of asset registration and increase the liquidity of the assets. VENJOCOIN is Attack-proof, with peer-to-peer network consistently distribute nodes and multiple chains of servers. Even without one or two servers, the information will be secure and continues its execution of data. Automation of the smart contract able to process data automatically without any human input, data processing is accurate and flawless. Supervision of VJC. As Venjocoin is collaborating with a legal advisor from different countries since the very start of the establishment, this helps ensure VJC is well regulated within the legal environment.

When will VJC Decentralized App be released?

VENJOCOIN will be releasing their own decentralized mobile app in conjunction with their issuance of their utility token VJC estimated in Q3. The app provides users the function of Tracking, Trading, and Wallet. Furthermore, the Dapp provides high-security features that protect the user’s asset with multiple layers of securities.

VENJOCOIN (VJC): Airdrop & Dapp is Happening

Features and Benefits

VENJOCOIN decentralized app comprised of 3 key functions that allow the VJC to be used as a utility token. The application layer provides an excellent user experience and highly functional features. The first key function is the Tracking of VJC token, tracking allow the user to track their token transaction in real time without the use of 3rd party smart contract explorer. Second function is Trading, trading allows the user to exchange the VJC token with other coins or token seamlessly. The third function is the VJC Wallet that operates under the Ethereum protocol, which means the user can store not only their VJC but other various tokens as well. Last but not least, communication functions, such as instant messaging between the user and community chat room for discussion.

For more information, you can visit read their whitepaper.

VENJOCOIN Value on Exchange

Venjocoin had been listed on two major exchange platform during April 2019. The listed crypto-currency exchange are STEX and Hotbit. As the VJC token that is developed by VENJOCOIN provides stable value over the long run. The team is aiming to reach $5 USD by the end of Q2. Currently, VJC is priced at 1 USD with consistent daily volume of $10,000 USD .

The Facts About VENJOCOIN

VENJOCOIN is an ICO that created The Blockchain Technology Based High Value-Asset Decentralized Tracking and Trading Platform. They developed the VJC token with ERC20 as most ICOs do with full compatibility with current blockchain technology. The total supply of VJC is 2,000,000,000 Token. VENJOCOIN has room for future development that improves the value of VJC. Furthermore, enhancing the functions of VJC with many different use cases. VENJOCOIN total distribution can be found on their info at etherscan explorer.


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