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What Is EvenCoin?





EVENCOIN is one of the pioneers in crypto mining using its self-mining smart contracts technology with limited members of Miners/Genesis at 4000 only mining for 15 years. No need for Hardware and Electricity.

EvenCoin is the self mining smart contact, differential way of cryptocurrency mining.

Introducing EVENCOIN

Imagine a Cryptocurrency that is self-mining and non-depreciating for 15 straight years: in the world of crypto – everything is possible.

While we all acknowledge Bitcoin as the master of them all and the forerunner of cryptos mined in large quantities, EvenCoin does away with the energy and infrastructure required in digital coin mining. EvenCoin is a self-mining Cryptocurrency in conjunction to even numbers of the Ethereum block. In self-mining, EvenCoin makes use of hardcore genesis collected from top 4000 crowd sale contributors, and all hardcore genesis ends up getting equal amounts of mined crypto coins in fifteen years. EvenCoin is currently selling 10 million coins for as low as $0.498 with a reward of 3,2476 per block.

Accessibility and Security

EvenCoin can be accessed via any of the existing Ethereum wallets as well as a web and mobile-based customized wallet for EvenCoin. EvenCoin is secured in the most secure crypto wallet with Google 2 FA and SSL. The EvenCoin wallet also boasts of an anti-DDOS server which ensures it provides the best in class security and can be used in transactions worldwide with charges as low as 0.03$ (lower than your traditional bitcoin wallet) with an average transaction time of just 30 seconds(!).

EvenCoin is a Good Investment

There are a billion reasons why you should invest in EvenCoin now but here are a few you should keep in mind.

Smart Wallet – as mentioned above, EvenCoin has the most secure wallet in the crypto industry right now.

Smart returns – this includes multi-level referral bonus including returns on investment packages available for purchase with a variety of rages made available.

Buy-Sell and Send –  with the EvenCoin Wallet you can make use of multiple cryptocurrencies to buy and sell and also send to others.

Price Inflation – EvenCoin’s auto mining feature ensures there will always be a demand for the crypto at least for the next fifteen years.

Still not convinced? Check out our advantages

Numbers – Out of the 100 Million total supply of the EvenCoin crypto, only 5 Million is set aside for the founders while 10 million coins have been earmarked for crowd sale. This amounts to 15 million coins being in circulation whilst the remaining 85 million is to be mined automatically for the next fifteen years.

Self Mining – Unlike Bitcoin where energy & infrastructure is required to mining coin EvenCoin is a self mining currency in conjunction to even numbers of Ethereum block. Evencoin is a coin fully supported by mathematical Logic which is proven and established under the Ethereum Blockchain, soo a proven Logic never goes wrong.

Worldwide Partnerships and Fair Distribution – EvenCoin is already listed in Major Exchanges such as like BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, DeltaExchange, Hotbit, Fatbtc and P2PB2B for as low as $0.38.  Distribution is totally fair & transparent, everyone gets the same fair share of coins, mining is done by code itself in parallel to Ethereum even numbers of blocks.

Genesis – Hard core genesis collected from forums publicly. All genesis gets equal mined coins over a time period.

Wallets – All ethereum supported wallets including EvenCoin own web-based wallets with Android & iOS apps with buy / sell options. EvenCoin is backed up by professionals who have been working with Fintech companies for the last 20-25 years.

Marketplace – EvenCoin encourages not only financial intangible markets but also marketplaces for tangible goods to be sold.

Join us now.

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