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What Is Lukki Exchange?




Lukki Exchange

Lukki is developed for your best trading experience. We provide you with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and utilization of the platform. You can enjoy the high speed of the trading and the functionality of the platform.

Meet the Lukki Exchange

The logo of Lukki is Maneki-neko. It is believed that this Japanese figure of cat brings its owner fortune and prosperity.

We are Lukki exchange. Our name is in tune with the word “luck” not without reason. After all, it is one of the important things in trading. Of course, Lukki is relying not only on luck. We have created an innovative product that will make trading not only a way of earning money but also an exciting game.

Lukki is designed in such a way that you can start your trading path with maximum comfort and all the necessary tools. Enjoy the user-friendly interface and get an in-depth experience in crypto assets trading.  Trade on Lukki and see how easy, pleasant and clear trading can be. We will try make it even better. Lukki is going to transform the monotonous trading process and combine the best functions of a cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative gamification process that has no analogs.

About LOT Token

Lukki Operating Token (LOT) token is designed especially for the Lukki exchange ecosystem and its related products. LOT allows you to use the expanded set of services of the platform and application. This utility token is used to reduce transaction fees and get special bonuses. LOT allows taking part in loyalty programs as well.  

Currently, part of the tokens was distributed among private investors and reserved for operational needs. The LOT tokens distributed during the whole period of the platform operation and are used inside the ecosystem.

We’ve developed our native LOT utility token in order to make our Lukki platform ecosystem more functional and transparent for providing the best trading experience on the exchange. The team is always working on expanding the implementation of the token in order to make it more useful and liquid. Enjoy the user-friendly interface of Lukki exchange and get an in-depth experience in crypto assets trading.

Investment in LOT Token

Exchange tokens have a great potential for ROI since were built into the exchange with the target of reaching a huge market demand. Thus, if handled correctly, tokens will always have a strong usage case, which translates into traders needs.

The real value of exchange coins is mostly following market trends. LOT Token will grow in the value at a proportionate rate with the growth of the exchange, which supports the token, so it’s getting ready to become a long-term investment with a huge potential income.

Find advantages of investments and real use-cases about LOT Token down below:


  • Listed on the several exchanges and showed great support from the traders, such as,,, with the daily trading volume over 800K$, and it’s also planned to expand an area of the listing.
  • The real value and a working product stand behind LOT token.
  • Having a real and active community, that creates a huge market demand of the LOT token.
  • Exchange tokens always show an excellent ROI index.


  • Usage of the expanded services set of the platform and an application itself.
  • Reducing transaction fees and get special bonuses.
  • Taking part in our loyalty programs.

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