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8 Tech Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2018

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As the new year progresses, tech companies around the world are unveiling their plans for the newest innovations in the field. Companies have begun to roll out their ideas for the newest tech of 2018, here are some trends you should keep your eye on throughout the year.

1. Accessibility to big data.

Big Data has long been talked about amongst tech insiders as the next big thing, but 2018 may finally be the year that the technology is rolled out en masse. In 2017, a survey of over 2800 business professionals with considerable experience in the tech industry cited big data as a major trend for companies in the new year. Solutions for smaller businesses in the world of big data are expected to be on the plate for 2018, enabling growing companies to better navigate the ever-digitizing world.

2. Moves to common IT platforms.

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all been working intently on improving the ease of use and accessibility of their information technology platforms. In the coming year, the innovations these companies have been working on in their platforms will prove more useful and easier to access than ever, allowing small and medium sized businesses solutions to tech queries and processes that have long been time consuming and redundant for smaller-scale companies.

3. Machine learning improving cyber security.

With the growth of the Internet of Things to an estimated network of 20 to 30 billion internet-capable devices, cyber security will be at the forefront of innovation in tech for 2018. As it becomes easier for developers to make botnets to take advantage of these networks, experts predict a sharp rise in the application of artificial intelligence to defend against IoT-based DDoS attacks.

Using artificial neural networks, companies in the cyber security industry are able to provide efficient and elegant solutions to help prevent attacks like that of the Mirai bot, a 2017 IoT botnet responsible for taking down the websites of Twitter, Github, and Paypal.

4. Smart personal assistants.

Amazon’s Echo release in late 2014 was a major innovation for both homeowners and businesspeople alike. Its voice recognition technology, ability to manage schedules, and myriad of other possibilities has attracted Google to the industry with their 2016 release, Home.

This year, Apple is planning its own release tied closely with existing Siri technology while Samsung is currently developing its Bixby voice assistant for personal assistant applications. As these new projects roll out, be ready for new capabilities of these personal assistants and increased integration into both the home and business place.

5. Cryptocurrency.

After Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in the past couple of years, blockchain technology have begun to be taken seriously by major players in the tech industry. While blockchain has a wide variety of applications, cryptocurrencies have been the most popular application of the emerging technology.

While Bitcoin and other alternatives have experienced serious price fluctuations that have scared off investors, 2018 is seeing the advent of Stablecoins, cryptocurrencies who use economic models to stabilize the prices of their currencies. With the adoption of these new coins, the technology will be proving itself as more and more of a serious alternative to traditional currency in the coming year.

6. Peer-to-peer transactions.

Early adopters of cryptocurrencies are well aware of the complexities that come along with buying and selling the assets. Exchanges typically charge extensive fees and transactions can take significant amounts of time. Expect this to change in 2018, however, with Peer-to-Peer transactions revolutionizing the market.

The startup Cointal has been a pioneer in this field, offering a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace that eliminates many of the downsides of purchasing from an exchange. In the P2P marketplace, transactions take place much quicker than when using exchanges while also allowing for the circumnavigation of clumsy security protocols that slow down trading.

Cointal CTO Ahmed Serghini states, “Companies like Cointal eliminate excess costs associated with purchasing cryptocurrencies by streamlining algorithms in the marketplace, allowing for the avoidance of fees that plague regular marketplace users.”

7. Automation.

Automation is one of the longest anticipated innovations that is expected to reach public applications in 2018. Factories have long used automated robots for assembly and construction of complicated products, but as technology continues to improve, manufacturing jobs will continue to be overtaken by more precise and quicker automated processes.

The public will be most likely be receiving its first taste of automation this year with automated storefronts as well. Amazon’s recent success of an automated grocery store has set the stage for the application of the technology to other storefronts, allowing for much quicker and cheaper shopping experiences in the future.

8. Internet speed.

One of 2018’s most subtle but important trends to keep an eye on is increasing internet speeds for both businesses and consumers. Business-to-business networks are expected to be on the rise this year, streamlining business communication immensely.

In addition, major telecom players have been working to compete with Google Fiber’s expanding network and private telecom companies who offer cheaper and faster services. Telecom insiders have indicated that speed of service is the what consumers should be on the lookout for this year.

This is a guest post written by George Beall

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