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APEX Technologies improves B2C engagement with its customized dApp development technology

Eseandre Mordi



One of the world’s leading data technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused firms, APEX Technologies recently announced the launch of its APEX network. For a long time, this firm has focused on completely improving business to consumer (B2C) engagement. The launch of the APEX Network is a move in the right direction, as it is an enterprise solution that has been developed for the next generation of business to consumer engagements. According to the APEX Technologies, this network was developed to serve the numerous customers of the parent company. These customers include large and medium-sized enterprises or companies like; Hilton, Maserati, Lenovo, Michael Kors, and DBS.

To improve the communication between these companies and their customers, the network’s blockchain technology would allow these clients and customers to create or design custom-made decentralized applications as well as offering these clients not just increased privacy, but total ownership of data. You will find it interesting to know that this network carried out a successful fundraising which saw about $25 million being raised.

This network is seeking to supply a more purpose-driven, innovative and modern solution to the business to consumer market. It particularly focuses on the customer lifecycle by ensuring that workflows and transactions become more secure and transparent, thus, leading to better customer quality experience.

The APEX Network, unlike others, seeks to ensure that users get this amazing experience, this is clearly unlike what is obtained in the capitalist market where companies and businesses are only interested in out-doing their competitors, overlooking the needs and interests of their customers. This has resulted in data hoarding and centralization which in turn has resulted in “data problems”. This means that users no longer have control over how their information is being used in turn leading to them receiving unsatisfying results. To solve this problem, these businesses would have to strongly tackle certain issues like; transparency, data security, legal consent, compliance, and accuracy. Asides these problems, there is one which the APEX firm refers to as “business to consumer interaction problem”.

These problems would become a thing of the past with the APEX Network which would transform how information, interactions, and value are being exchanged through the business to consumer engagement process. The network would allow clients and customers to create customized decentralized applications for lifecycle solutions to certain marketing problems. The network has been designed in such a way that while it is able to provide flexibility, scalability, transparency, and security it still protects the identity of users through the help of certain identity management systems, outlined policies and the encryption of data. Businesses and their customers would be able to easily use this network for certain use cases including reward exchanges, gamification, insight, and analysis, data transactions etc.

A wallet has been developed for this network and has been made available on both IOS and Android operating systems. Some of the main features of this wallet include; ERC-20 tokens support, multiple wallet management and back-up as well as the transfer of assets via quick response codes.

With the blockchain technology which is a game changer, the APEX Network would definitely change how businesses interact with their customers.

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