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Bezop – Supporting Seamless Ecommerce Transactions With The Use Of Blockchain Technology

Eseandre Mordi



Bezop is yet another amazing blockchain powered platform that offers its use case in a seamless integration of e-commerce by businesses. Here, we review the platform and everything that it is about, including its much talked about token.

What Is Bezop?

Bezop is a platform that operates with the use of blockchain technology. It is a decentralized network that aids the management of peer to peer online commercial orders. It takes care of all the process involved in the order through smart contracts. The platform now perfectly integrates the power of blockchain in helping merchants in the process of building online stores for their products and services.

The company has been credited as the only blockchain powered platform that provides ecommerce business owners with a comprehensive, open source solution to efficiently run their businesses.

How It Works?

The platform works in a way that is simple and easily comprehensible. Picture the whole process of creating an online shop for your goods or services, it may sound easy, but the fact remains that it requires a lot of technicalities and hard work to create a working online shop and in most cases, you are paying extra fees. This is the solution that Bezop is offering to the ecommerce community. On the network, clients exchange earned tokens for goods and services.

The platform utilizes DOM (Decentralized Order Management) for all its transactions, allowing online traders the opportunity to own the process of selling their goods and services through a self-hosted ecommerce stores, while concurrently running order broadcasts on the network.

Components Of The Bezop Protocol

Proof of Order: merchants who choose to trade on Bezop need not worry about security. This component helps to verify every transaction that happens on the network. It adds legitimacy to transactions while allowing them to remain decentralized and anonymous.

Proof of Delivery: This is the claim that a merchant has to the delivery of services. When proof of stake has been submitted, clients are given an allowance of three days to report lack of delivery. If after three days the client doesn’t dispute the transaction, the network marks the transaction as delivered.

Proof of Work: Miners are also allowed  some measure of control on the network and can confirm orders. The platform operates based on a proof of work system. Hence the use of mining in the network will not be limited to holding on to blockchain consensus. It rewards miners in a bid to motivate them to fulfill more others than usual.

Token Details

The Bezop token is a digital asset, that can be earned on the network. Its value is calculated as a ratio of underlying assets, associated rights, and properties. It is to be the only token used for transactions on the platform.

Token Statistics

Token name: Bezop token

Token symbol: BEZ

Total Supply: 161,813,725


With the ease that this platform presents to business owners looking to launch their businesses online, it seems the world has just been presented with an ecommerce solution it has been longing for, and guess what? It is powered by blockchain technology.

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