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Blockchain investors can now make it big with the help of CINDX

Eseandre Mordi



Cryptocurrencies have certainly made their mark. The digital tokens have consistently shown that they have the potential to rise very high in value. The market is huge and investors are insatiable. Only a few years ago, bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market, was being traded at only a few hundred dollars a coin. Today, the market is well above USD 6000.

Issues For New Traders

Unlike regular forex or asset trading, crypto trading is much easier and accessible. There are hundreds of exchanges to choose from, each offering unique services and a variety of tradable tokens. The trading also happens nonstop, around the clock. Yet, as profitable as the trading may seem, there are certain issues that hinder an ordinary person from making profits through crypto trading:

  • Volatile Nature: Cryptos are very sensitive to price fluctuations and an inexperienced person faces confusion in trading.
  • Fast Trading: With trading occurring in seconds, a novice trader may miss the opportunity to profit and even result in loss.
  • Round The Clock: Trading in cryptos never stop. Exchanges are always online. A new trader may miss chances of profitable trade late in the night or when is busy and away from computer.
  • Too Many Tokens: With so many tokens in the market today, new traders get confused on which token to trade.
  • Deeper Understanding: Trading in cryptos mean a lot of in-depth information about each token being traded, its associated issues and the platform. An amateur trader will face issues in understanding the factors that affect a particular token.
  • Scams and Failures: With over half of ICOs failing and many turning out to be scams, a novice trader does not have the information or time to do a background check on each token and might end up investing in a dead end.
  • Trading Skills: Ordinary people sometimes do not even know how to trade and miss great profitable opportunities.

CINDX: Trading Made Easy

In traditional trading, there are brokers one can hire to do the trading for them. In cryptos, such a service was not available- until now, that is. CINDX is a decentralized platform that allows novice traders to call upon the services of expert crypto traders and use their knowledge and wisdom for their benefit.

The platform has a unique way of offering this service. In decentralized tokens, a person must have access to the wallet and tokens to perform any kind of trade or transaction. The immutable and irreversible nature of blockchain means that if a novice trader hands over his portfolio to a broker, he or she may skip away with the person’s investment and the amateur will be totally helpless. CINDX counters this with two steps:

  • Proper Registration of Professional Traders: Each professional trader has a proper background check to ensure the integrity experience. The trader is then ranked, taking in multiple factors such as trade, performance, history, type of cryptocurrency being dealt in, etc. etc. This information is available to novice traders so that they can select the professional of their choice.
  • Synched Accounts: Rather than hand over the wallet or keys to the professional trader, CINDX platform creates a synchronization between the novice and the professional trading accounts through an API. Whenever the professional initiates a transaction, the API replicates the trade in the novice’s account. This means that the professional trader is only playing with his or her assets and not the clients’. This creates a win-win situation, where the best interest of the professional trader and the client are kept intact.

Through its unique service, CINDX allows even the most novice and amateur people willing to step into the complex trading environment of cryptocurrencies and gain profits, without ever needing to trade personally and make errors in judgment.

CINDX Token Sale

CINDX uses its own security token as a medium of exchange. The CINX is required to avail services on the platform as the portion of the fee also is used to pay the professional for his trade linkage to the client account.

Currently, the CINX is going through its presale, where 1.2 CINX is available for 1 USD. There are a total of 51.5 million CINX available during the pre-sale and a minimum of USD 50 are required as an investment.

About CINX

A platform that allows entry into the digital asset trading world to anyone, regardless of their experience or understanding of cryptos, CINDX is a regulated platform that complies with KYC, AML and other regulations worldwide. It also holds a EU license for operating as a non-banking financial institution and crypto to fiat conversions.

Yuriy Avdeev, CEO of CINDX says, that the platform “allows even the most amateur investor to profit in crypto, with the help of statistically proven traders” and “We take pride in our platform that provides proven success for users looking to invest. Unlike other projects, our MVP has been released and we are ready to help all investors become Crypto pros

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