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How to Buy ELET Token in the Ether Legends ICO

Eseandre Mordi



With the mainstream emergence of the blockchain technology, the Elementeum Games team, creators of Ether Legends saw a need to create a secure, tangible ownership of physical and digital trading cards and other collectible assets for players.

Ether legends is created as a physical and digital collectible trading card game with a depth of scalability to allow space for future expansions. This digital platform is driven by the ELET token currency, giving players ownership to their digital content.

Ether legends was created to be the preferred blockchain based gaming platform where trading card games are played in a digitalized fashion. Ether legends is a place where players can truly own their digital content, at the same time earn, trade, buy and sell these digital assets online, secured by the blockchain.

With its integration of blockchain technology into the gaming system, players get to enjoy the security and assurance of prevention of fraud concomitant with the traditional gaming system. Users also enjoy a strong connection to their Ether legends characters and have fun while competing in fair matches, earning rewards as they play.

Ether legends as a gaming platform based on blockchain technology uses limited mintage of trading cards, unlike other blockchain platforms that use Proof of stake. Similarly, the use of self-automating smart contracts eliminate the need for third parties and reduces cost, which is passed on to the players.

How is the Ether legends ELET Token Sold?

Elementeum, shortened as ELET is the ERC20 token which would be the currency driving this system and allowing access to the game, access to the ownership of digital content where players use Elementeum to make all transactions on the Ether legends gaming platform and marketplace.

Ether legends ELET token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale is going on right now! The sale period officially begun on the 15th of February going through the 4th of April, 2018. Users can choose to send Ether to the Elementum Contract on Ethereum blockchain to partake in this sale. When this is done, the wallet address from which the payment was made receives a quantity of ELET based on the present rate. Here is a link to a video that shows beginners how to obtain ELET through the ICO.

How to Buy ELET Token

The capitalization for Elementum is 50,000,000 and 35,000,000 ELET is apportioned to the Token sale. If this amount is exceeded before the end of the sale, no further purchase can be made. The token sale lasts for a period of 49 days, starting off from February 15 – 28. At this time, 2,000 ELET is sold at 1 ETH.

Subsequently, the price begins to increase. The second phase begins from March 1st and runs through 7th of March. Here, 1,800 ELET is sold at 1 ETH. The third phase is from March 08 – 14 and the price is fixed at 1,600 ELET for at 1 ETH.

The fourth phase is from March 15 – 21 at 1,400 ELET to 1 ETH. The next phase is from March 22 – 28 when 1,200 ELET would be sold at 1 ETH and finally from March 29 – April 04 and 1 ETH would be exchanged for 1,000 ELET.

After the public token sale, 30% of the available token is shared equally by the vendors and partners, development, founders and advisors, and game rewards. If it happens that the token presale fails to raise 250 ETH, then a refund will be initiated to all participants, so there is no risk to try and help this amazing idea come to fruition.

Also, in order to ensure fairness and equity, no single address will be able to contribute more than 100 ETH. Similarly, you will not be allowed to contribute less than 0.03 ETH.

See the ELET Token Sale here :

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