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Create your own link to get paid by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Eseandre Mordi


on is a favorite tool for sending and receiving money online. It can also track your payments. This service lets you create your own link on “paylink” (e.g.  to get paid by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s like but instead of dollars or Euros, it works with cryptocurrencies.

Paylink’s control panel lets you see the details of transactions, such as Customer’s information, date and time of each transaction and the amount of money. Unlike the traditional online experiences, Paylink is designed to take far fewer steps. In the past, users had to send wallet address to their friends or customers to ask for money, then request a screenshot of paying and double check to receive the money. But lets you simply share a link, then easily track the payments in your control panel.

“Paylink” customers are able to set up their own user profiles which are associated with a personalized URL (e.g. It can then be shared with others via text, over email, on instant messenger, via social media, or anywhere else as a way to request money by cryptocurrencies. Finally, your friends and customers need to pass only 3 simple steps to pay:

1) When customers view your page, they enter the sum of money they want to pay and click the next button.


2) They can enter their name, email, and optionally add a personal description.


3) On the last page, they can pay the price.

This service is very personalized. you can customize your profile theme and even upload your personal image or preferred photo/logo. You can also write your own bio or description that will be displayed on your payment page.

Also the site is mobile-optimized and all of your alerts about payments will be send through email in real-time.

To achieve a nice social/mobile look & feel you can use landing page with Paylink, using a regular Paylink Buy Button or Donation Button. This gives you the ability to set up customized landing pages, versus a single generic “pay me” page, and it also lets you to personalize the experience with a customize Thank You page. Plus you can add a unique Item ID to track the source of payments received.

Users can keep their safe wallet in blockchain. is a safe way to send money to their wallet.

You can sign up for your own username at Start right now!

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