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Creating Gambling Themed NFTs




Buying and making money with Non-fungible tokens is like BTC roulette — you never know if you’ve bought/bet on a winner or not. So if you’re not wanting to take that risk — why not try to create something instead and see if you can make money from it?

That thing could be along the lines of the hottest rage in crypto right now: non-fungible tokens. 

Non-fungible tokens are a “special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.”

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, please note that just recently an NFT art piece sold at the long-standing auction house Christie’s for $130,000. And this is only one of many NFT pieces sold for six figures. 

How You Can Create NFT Art — and Make it Gambling Themed

BTC roulette and other crypto gambling games have been rising in popularity over the years. The link at the top of the article shows the best BTC roulette sites that accept Bitcoin — and who knows, maybe they could one day offer not just BTC roulette where you win bitcoin, but also roulette and gambling themed NFTs. 

So how can you create gambling-themed NFT art that could one day sell for top dollar to BTC roulette and gambling sites or their fans?

The first thing you should know is… you don’t need to know how to code!

That’s right.

Creating Gambling Themed NFTs 1

When NFTs were first envisioned and created, you needed to know how to code. You needed to know how to code to create an NFT. 

The first NFTs were coded on a special smart contract known as an ERC-720 based on the Ethereum network.

Normally, on Ethereum, when someone wanted to create a token they would create an ERC-20 token. These were fungible tokens that could be sold and they were completely interchangeable. The ICO boom happened on the backs of ERC-20 smart contract tokens. 

Then ERC-720 was created. Its boom came in the form of Cryptokitties and other collectibles. 

Then ERC-1155 came along and really got the party started — but you still needed to know how to code to create one of those tokens. 

Now the NFT space has really hit high gear and there are tools and sites where you can create NFT tokens without a single slice of code. 

One such tool is the Opensea mint that allows you to create tokens. You don’t even need to pay a creation or minting fee. 

You do need a crypto wallet, however, and the Opensea mint asks you to first have a Metamask wallet before proceeding to create. 

A couple more sites also exist that let you create NFT art — you can even customize it and make it all about roulette, poker, or your favorite gambling theme. Keep in mind, however, that the way to create that art is restricted to the tools those sites offer and none of these will deploy your NFT art on the Ethereum blockchain. 

NFTs on Ethereum

If you want/need to make sure your art is permanently stored and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain — such as through an ERC-720 token — then you might want to check out a few other sites.

This handful of sites will let you create art, upload it, and deploy it as ERC-720 smart contracts. One thing to keep in mind here, however, is that there will be a ‘gas fee’ paid to Ethereum miners to write your ERC-720 token onto the Ethereum blockchain. This fee is, of course, unavoidable. 

NFTs You Code Yourself

Then again, perhaps you enjoy BTC gambling and BTC roulette because of the mathematical properties of chance? Perhaps you’re into games of chance like roulette because you have spreadsheets and coded programs that let you see if you can beat the house at its own game?

In that case, you might enjoy programming NFTs yourself. 

There are several sources to help you learn to program ERC-720 contracts, ERC-1155 smart contracts, and more. 

After that, you can put them all into collections and sell those collections all at once, or in segments. 

How to Store and Secure your Gambling Themed NFTs

After you’ve created your NFTs — themed with BTC roulette, poker, blackjack, or any theme you enjoy from your gambling days — then you’ll need to store and secure your NFTs properly.

The greatest loss of value in the crypto space comes from simple human error.

Creating Gambling Themed NFTs 2

People type in the wrong address when sending or receiving their crypto or their NFTs — and poof, their hard work and value is gone. 

So, if you’re storing your BTC roulette-themed NFTs on a wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask then be sure to secure it by writing down the original seed phrase of that wallet. 

Write down that seed phrase and then store it in a safe or somewhere protected from fire and other events. 

If you store your crypto and NFTs using some other method, make sure you have multiple backups of that too. After all, your gambling-themed NFTs might be a real hit and your artwork might also sell for six figures. Don’t lose it!


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