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Crypto Debit Cards 2.0: Wirex Launches World-First CryptoBack Reward Programme

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Wirex has raised the bar again with the launch of its CryptoBack rewards programme for payment card customers. Customers using Wirex’s Visa debit card, which can be used wherever Visa is accepted, now earn 0.5% back in Bitcoin from all in-store retail purchases.

Wirex is a hybrid personal finance platform where cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies coexist to give customers total flexibility and freedom of choice with their money. The crypto wallet is linked to a fiat wallet that has a physical or virtual debit card attached to it.

Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex, says, “We are extremely excited about this addition to our core offerings. The fact that we pay our CryptoBack rewards in Bitcoin means that crypto-curious people can start building up a cryptocurrency portfolio.”

The contactless Visa debit card, with the Wirex CryptoBack rewards feature, is the latest enhancement in the new Wirex 2.0 offering. Customers who wish to spend their CryptoBack rewards can choose the redeem option in the app and their rewards are credited to their Wirex Bitcoin wallet. From there, customers can convert their crypto to fiat and spend it at their leisure.

Customers can also earn additional CryptoBack rewards when they refer people to the platform, and while there is a nominal monthly fee for the payment card, there is no fee to join the rewards programme.

Wirex crypto wallets are on an open platform, which means customers can buy, sell, and exchange their cryptos in or out of their accounts without restrictions.

“We are leveraging our crypto know-how to redefine the payments landscape and are constantly working towards more innovation in this space,” says Matveev.

General information

  • The card can be funded from a bank account and one can top up using a debit, credit card or crypto wallet;
  • If a client loses the card it can be blocked on the app, or if both the phone and the card are lost;
  • The card is valid for 3 years;
  • To be approved for the card you need to become a Verified user by submitting a proof of address, however, more information may be required depending on client circumstances.

Contact information

Iona Minton, Head of PR – Wirex
Mobile: +44 7397941914
Office: 0207 877 0005
25 Old Broad Street
EC2N 1HN London
United Kingdom
Office: 0800 689 4179

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