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Dесеntrаlіzеd News Nеtwоrk Releases Alрhа Uрdаtе

Crystal Moore



In the world where everything is becoming digital, currencies have also become digital. Several industries are using decentralized digital currency technology Blockchain to get maximum benefits out of it. Amidst of all this, people are creating and constantly developing products and application systems to make this world really digital. There is also a News channel which is based on Blockchain, that is known as Decentralized News Network (DNN). Public to Politics, it covers all news on factual basis. Decentralized system is a system in which there is no involvement of third party such as government, and common public decides what to be done next. That’s why blockchain technology is taking the internet with storm because it’s a decentralized electronic ledger. But now, a decentralized political news network has been launched. What more to come?

Recently this Decentralized News Network (DNN) released a significant update to their Alpha. The newly released Alpha update has introduced a simulated version of the Platform which is not operated on Blockchain technology but provides the same user experience at surface position so that many other communities may also test the network system and provide their most valuable feedback. The recreated encounter represents DNN’s genuine feeling to use Blockchain innovation for a basic genuine use case; separating political plans in news and making an unmistakable computerized home for truthful, believable news supported by smart contract innovation.

One thing is crystal clear from this newly released Alpha update that it marks a significant shift to blockchain community as Decentralized News Network is making everyone aware with the technicalities, abilities and implementation of blockchain. DNN co-founders Samit Singh and Dondrey Taylor particularly welcome conventional columnists to encounter the stage in its simulated state, offering another and boosted chance to distribute work without the requirement for focal publication specialist.

Decentralized News Network (DNN) CEO Samit Singh quoted in a press conference “One of the biggest hurdles that many of us in the blockchain industry see is mass adoption. It can be difficult at such an early stage in the industry to engage the mainstream audience, especially when the technology seems so technical and sophisticated to those unfamiliar with it,”.

As per the news and information, this simulated platform is not going to use Tokens and cryptocurrency, the Blockchain-based DNN stage will fiscally boost clients using tokens, crediting client represents composing, checking on, and distributing articles.

One can get the access to both the simulated version and Blockchain-based platform via the DNN own website, with those testing the smart contract functionality will be needed to visit the site via a web3-enabled browser.

According to the DNN website and updates, the platform will officially launch in 2018. The crowd sale has been slated for the fourth quarter of this year.

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