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Galactickka ICO is the One to Watch this Year.

Eseandre Mordi



A social networking platform for authors, Galactikka helps writers, authors, artists, photographers and many others to promote and earn from their works. Through this, users have opportunities to show off their talent and gain profit.

Launched as Surfory in 2014, the platform was rebranded as Galactickka in 2016 and the whole website was revamped.


The testers of this system are in excess of 150,000 spanning over 50 countries. The platform is turning out into something substantial for artists and writers to be on. Top rated users currently are able to make nearly $15000 a year by advertising and promoting their material on the website.


The paid content on the website is powered by their very own token, Gala. The paid content includes advertisement and any work you wish to sell through the platform.

The token is ERC20 compatible, which is an Ethereum standard. This means that the coins are compatible with Dapps and run smoothly on the Ethereum platform with smart contracts capability.

By using the Gala token, users will be able to pay for original content they wish to buy immediately and with no banks involved, the transaction charges will be very low.

For the advertisement, one Gala will get you 2500 ads in users’ newsfeed. At the current price, this is very cheaper compared to what Facebook or other social media platforms charge you for your promotions.


Currently the GALA token is on presale. The coin is being sold at a presale value of approximately $0.38 per coin at a 5% discount. The promotion finishes at the end of the month. Funds raised by Galactikka will be used for project promotion, scalability and upgrading site features, to name a few.

The coins will be available on major exchanges by March 2018, when the sale rounds will be finished.


Since the platform has been up and running for nearly 4 years and has a strong user base, this ICO is not something that gives you hollow promises. With a projected 20 million users by 2019, the use of this coin on the platform as the only means of value exchange means that its price will definitely rise.

The coin’s trading option on major exchanges will also push for an increase in value. Take the opportunity to buy the coins in the ICO and not only get discounted price, but also refer your friends and earn even more.

For more information, click here to see the  Galactickka Website

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