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Gather Network Is Monetizing Web Traffic For Charity




Gather Network

An often overlooked use case of blockchain technology is how it can be utilized for philanthropy. There are several features of crypto-charity that are superior to more traditional methods including lower expenses, transparency and automation. The most straightforward use of crypto within the charitable sector is accepting cryptocurrencies for donations. However, this is only one of many possible ways to use blockchain technology to improve philanthropic efforts.

A New Way to Give Crypto

Gather Network provides a new way to monetize web activity. Content creators and website owners can generate revenue based on the number of visitors to their platform. This works by the visitor agreeing to lend their processing power. This computational power can then be used by companies and businesses that mine cryptocurrency or deal with cloud-based computing solutions. This allows businesses to save on their expenses and lower hashing power, saving up to 30% of costs compared to cloud computing providers.

Both users and owners can benefit from this form of monetization since the revenue is generated in the background and paid out in Gather’s token (GTH). This is a far superior monetization model compared to the invasive style of pop-up advertising that the internet is currently full of. Users are not interrupted from their browsing but website owners are still rewarded for their number of visitors. 

The Evolution of Crypto Charity

Although Gather’s solution could be utilized by any online business or content creator, the simple plug-in nature of the product is very well suited to charities. Many philanthropic organizations are just starting to dip their toes into blockchain technology and so Gather is a very easy first step into this area for new participants. Crypto-charity activity has increased substantially over the last few years; UNICEF is using crypto mining to raise funds and Binance Charity Foundation has launched a blockchain-based donation portal at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum.

These efforts come at a time when many charities are facing declining donations and a lack of trust from the public (due to several scandals over CEO pay and donations not being directed to where they should). Blockchain not only offers a way to solve these issues but could also reinvigorate people to donate to charities. This is particularly relevant to younger people who are both more likely to be interested in crypto and currently less likely to be engaged in charity.

Apart from simply accepting donations in cryptocurrencies, there is a lot of scope for more technical implementations of blockchain in charitable organizations. Reduced expenses are a very attractive improvement; blockchain technology has the potential to simplify the way charities are run by automating parts of the process and reducing costs by cutting out middlemen. Another feature is increased transparency, which is built-in to public blockchain systems. By publicly tracking transactions, data can be proven to be genuine and so trust is assured. This is very important when it comes to charities as integrity is a key concern for donators.

Overall, crypto-philanthropy remains a relatively new means of charity. However as blockchain technology becomes more mainstream, charities and donors alike will come to embrace it as a better way to help those in need. The range of improvements blockchain technology can bring to the charity industry is substantial, one of these being Gather Network’s solution.

Gather promises a simple way for charities to earn additional funding based on their web traffic. This solution doesn’t use advertising and so the end user experience is not negatively affected. A lot of businesses’ back-offices are going to be enhanced or replaced by blockchain in the coming years and philanthropy is no exception to this. Gather is one step in this journey as a legitimate alternative to ad-based revenue streams. 


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