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How to Choose the Best Exchanges and Brokers to Buy Bitcoin




Best Exchanges and Brokers to Buy Bitcoin

There are now hundreds of ways to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum online. We will show you which are the best crypto exchanges and which ones you should register with to be best equipped as a trader and benefit from the best prices. For this purpose, we have compared the different offers and can tell you briefly and precisely what advantages and disadvantages the individual exchanges really offer.

What are the best exchanges and brokers to buy Bitcoin?

If you are dealing with the topic of trading cryptocurrencies for the first time, you can easily end up in confusion. Basically, a distinction is made between two types of providers for trading: Exchanges for crypto-trading and Bitcoin Brokers.

A Bitcoin marketplace, also called an exchange, brings buyers and sellers together directly. Examples are and Kraken. On these platforms, a price is quoted for each cryptocurrency offered, based on current supply and demand. So you can immediately see at which price you can buy what amount of Bitcoins at that second. The offers are staggered there exclusively by members of the Bitcoin Exchange. If a purchase is successful, the corresponding number of coins is immediately transferred to the respective wallet.

From there you can transfer Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Co. directly into your own wallet. Trading at Binance,, and the other crypto exchanges are subject to fees that are normally included in the purchase price. Please note, however, that transaction fees may also be incurred by transferring the coins. With crypto exchanges, direct payments can be made in the cryptocurrencies offered, but in some cases also in Euros.

With a crypto broker, on the other hand, no direct purchases are made. On the other hand, you only bet money on rising or falling prices. This variant is also known as CFD trading and has been used for years in the field of trading with other assets. The best option to buy Bitcoin is eToro, because eToro offers investor protection up to €20,000 and a really easy to use dashboard.

The advantage: through special levers it is possible to significantly increase your own investment in a cryptocurrency and thus to profit disproportionately from price fluctuations in the forecasted direction. In some cases, levers of up to 500 are offered. With a position size of 100€ you move 500,000€ and can profit from a price increase with a call option of 1,000 €. Hardly any other financial products offer these opportunities and can be executed via the Internet within a few seconds.

Bitcoin exchange and crypto comparison

In addition to CFD providers, larger Bitcoin exchanges, in particular, are used to trade cryptocurrencies. The number of crypto exchanges increases significantly every month, because with the increasing number of cryptocurrencies more and more opportunities are created to trade even cryptocurrencies with low turnover.

For beginners, the crypto exchanges from our comparison are particularly recommended, as they have a large portfolio, many deposit options, a high level of seriousness and other additional offers. See for yourself the best and most popular offers in our Bitcoin wallet comparison.

The best Bitcoin exchanges and marketplaces

Standard for many medium and long-term investors in cryptocurrencies is the use of the best crypto exchanges. Our experts have therefore compiled a list of the most exciting and lucrative Bitcoin brokers, which you can use to select the right provider for you.

To compare the best Bitcoin marketplaces, we have summarized some pros and cons and, in addition, we have also included the criteria of size (with the number of cryptocurrencies) and the deposit with Euro. Please note, however, that there are other relevant factors. These include the deposit options, availability in German, support and individual criteria that you should consider. Before you register, think about what you are focusing on in Krypto Marketplaces.

Overview of the best CFD brokers for cryptocurrencies

For CFD trading with cryptocurrencies, we mainly suggest two brokers: Plus500 and eToro. Both providers have their own advantages.

eToro: the social trading provider of the extra class

Originally, eToro has specialized in the business of social trading. It was particularly important to the developers to create a platform for the joint trading of assets. The focus is therefore on a huge market offering which can also be traded in the social trading sector. Customers can follow so-called signalers directly and take over their trades. This also applies to trad

ing with cryptocurrencies.

In addition to currencies, funds, shares, commodities and other forms of investment, crypto-currencies are becoming more and more important. Currently, customers can trade with 13 different cryptocurrencies at the Market Maker. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ada, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Ripple, EOS, NEO, as well as the currency pairs Bitcoin vs. The choice is greater than most other CFD brokers.

Plus500: Trade with leverage of 1:20

The range of stock investments, ETFs and currencies are particularly wide at Plus500. Many of these products can be traded with a leverage of up to 1:300. There are also ten tradable cryptocurrencies on offer. Plus500 is the only CFD broker to offer IOTA trading. Monero is also available in the portfolio. The maximum leverage for trading is 1:20, which means that even small amounts of money can generate high profits within minutes. Plus500 also offers a professional chart overview and is very popular as a crypto exchange.


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