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IBM Aims For More Scientific Research As A Sign Of The Growing Blockchain Patent

Usman Salis



IBM, an IT company based in the United States has concluded plans to research the blockchain technology and form their records and observations based on their research. This has led to them filing an application with the US to be granted a patent right as regards to their researches made on the blockchain technology.

It is believed that they first made this their goal last December and have seen created a roadmap which would see them gain a lot of data collection. This together with the fact that would be studying about the blockchain would allow for them to make progressive research about the technology and how it can be improved.

For those who know about IBM, this new filing of a patent right would not seem new. In recent times, this corporation has filed successive applications to be granted patent right across many technological sectors. The latest being that they should be granted a patent right when it comes to augmented reality pattern of gaming.

This new method of securing researches for findings made when it comes to the blockchain technology has led to a whole new complexity and technicality with the various IT corporations. However, there is currently a lack of the necessary control mechanisms to secure the research findings of the various corporations that have filed for patent rights.

One of the application to be given patent right explains that there are not enough platforms which can adequately say that they would be able to protect scientific findings and help in the sharing of scientific ideas and tools if the need ever arises. Platforms currently one existence which aims to do this are all limited in their functionality at the moment.

However, the recent technological advancements and the ones which are set to be made is believed to be favouring the science sector as they would be more involved now in ensuring that the researchers which are conducted by corporation including IBM are used in such a way that the blockchain technology would keep on advancing in the right direction at all times. It remains to be seen the number of research points which IBM would be able to attain once their patent right application is successful. However, one thing that is sure is that we are bound to see transformations pretty soon in the blockchain industry.

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