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Investment from Advanced Blockchain will help WOM Token in its efforts to apply blockchain technology and crypto economics in innovative ways to establish new business models

Eseandre Mordi



Blockchain technology has been gaining momentum in the cryptocurrency market every day and new innovations continue to thrive. We are living in times where Blockchain companies are continuously looking for companies that can apply the Blockchain technology to innovatively establish new business plans and models.

To respond to this need, an advanced Blockchain AG has decided to invest in WOM (Word of Mouth) Tokens.  WOM Token is an effective and trusted recommendation platform to connect brands and customers. The very first platform to ever make use of WOM Tokens is YEAH. YEAY is known for its peer to peer recommendations so as to incentivize user-generated content. The partnership between YEAY and WOM Tokens will enable its users to have a revolutionized means of making money from their content.

What to know about YEAY

YEAY was founded in the year 2015 by Melanie Mohr, as a B2C market for young people who buy and sell products amongst themselves, by use of video content. The video platform, therefore, is the very first platform to get into partnership with WOM Tokens.

Its app, YEAY, has been available in the market since the beginning of 2017 and it has gained itself a worldwide network of young creatives.

YEAY gives a social space for young people to shoot as well as share their videos, showcasing their latest fashion, style, products and designers to their fans/followers. The videos usually have affiliate links to what is being showcased and from this, the brands can benefit from the product recommendation. The creators then earn WOM Tokens as rewards.

Currently, YEAY has received $7 million from investors.  Some of the investors that have funded YEAY include the former COO of Airbnb and the former CEO of Deutsche Telekom.

What to know about WOM Tokens

WOM Tokens was established in 2018 and it is now building a Blockchain based protocol that will make it possible for content creators, creatives, publishers and social media managers be in a position to make money by recommending brand content via the Word of Mouth without any third party involvement in the transaction.

Word of mouth is basically the oldest and the most effective form of communication but the sad part is that until now, brands and businesses are yet to establish a scalable way of turning word of mouth recommendations into a marketing strategy, a sustainable strategy, and this is where WOM Tokens come in handy.

WOM Tokens, therefore, enable businesses and brands to have access to honest feedback from their clients or customers and quality user-generated product recommendation, and at the same time ensure that the creators of the content are rewarded fairly. This also a very effortless way of making money via the social media platforms.

Advantages of WOM Tokens

First and most importantly, the platform very transparent. This is very effective, especially for brand advocacy.  With transparency, comes assurance. Therefore, there is an open and honest communication between the creatives and the stakeholders. Another advantage of the platform is that the business is very easy to carry out, especially for young people. The users will easily buy and trade the tokens on both centralized and decentralized platforms. WOM Tokens also rewards the creatives for participating and also for creating the content and the best part is that there is no third party involvement.


By the use of the Blockchain technology, WOM Token will effectively enhance communication between the content creators and their fans from all over the world. The content creators will also be able to showcase their favorite brands, where brands can then track, source and also recompense fan’s advocacy by the use of smart contracts. The users will be earning money in form of tokens, for creating and promoting content. The brands will also benefit from the optimization of the content.

In a nutshell, this is also a way of creating employment to young people because they can earn a living from using their creativity. Their talents will not be wasted s they will be receiving awards for their work. They can use these rewards to establish themselves in life, even at a young age. Moreover, they can also receive their tokens via Ethereum platform.

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