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$PAC – Spearheading Crypto’s Role In Society

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Much of the news we see surrounding cryptocurrencies today refers to scams, bitcoin heists, crypto usage in the criminal world, etc However, there is a much brighter, more positive side to crypto that remains largely unnoticed – the role of crypto in the social and charitable context. At $PAC we are spearheading Cryptos role in society through an array of exciting initiatives spanning across the globe.

$PAC is a unique hybrid digital asset that combines the world’s third-largest masternode network complimented by an ever growing vibrant community. These two networks synergize to provide a strong foundation for all $PAC’s charitable work. We focus on our core principles which we refer to as the 4 C’s – Choice,  Content, Community and Charity.  With charity being a central pillar at $PAC,  5% of ALL block rewards are designated specifically for social and charitable initiatives selected by our community. The $PAC community has spoken again!

$PAC is proud to announce yet another charitable partnership through our sponsorship of Guardian Gyms, a non-profit organisation supporting local communities on the West Coast of America.  Guardian Gyms and $PAC are excited to announce the recent opening of the first of many Guardian Gyms in Oakland, San Francisco Bay.  $PAC has donated masternodes to the Guardian organisation which will provide ongoing residual payouts to help fund their invaluable support to the youth  in our local communities.

The GUARDIAN PROJECT is a non-profit martial arts charity, offering classes in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. Guardian Gyms was founded when former Twitter executives Ben Kovacs & Joel Lunenfeld discovered that they shared a passion for martial arts. They quickly realized that their love of these sports was also shared by many others who unfortunately were unable to participate due to the high costs of equipment and training.  It didn’t take long for these two high flying socially conscious executives to start a non profit gym, thereby providing disadvantaged youths in the community with the opportunity to fall in love with these great sports too.

Guardian Gyms in conjunction with $PAC, provides this marginalised part of society, exposure to an environment which positively impacts their lives in so many ways, both on and off the mat. Guardian Gyms offers an affordable sliding-scale membership for adults which, along with donations, supports the youth program which allows the kids to attend for free. Guardian was founded on the belief that almost everyone wants to be a part of a tribe (a need to belong and contribute) and works tirelessly to create this vital space for our communities.  This belief has proved to be well founded and this successful initiative continues to move from strength to strength.

Joel Lunenfeld – Ex VP, Global Brand Strategy, Twitter Commented:

       “As co-founders of The Guardian Project with deep roots in the tech world, we set out to build a program that helps give kids in need, a head start in life that prepares them for the fast moving changes in society and their future careers. Working with the generous donations and the passionate community of $PAC, not only can we fund more students for our after-school martial arts program, we are giving them an education in cryptocurrency, finance and lessons in earning, saving and investing.”

Guardian Gyms through sponsorship from $PAC, provides students with skills that enable them to build self esteem,  confidence and discipline. They aim to propel young lives and prepare them for the future by providing a world-class environment to connect with mentors, peers, and community leaders. They offer a solution for getting kids out of the house, off the streets and into a safe environment.

The Guardian Organization will use $PAC as their chosen crypto currency. Kids who participate in the Guardian community will be rewarded in $PAC for their efforts, personal development and community service.  A leaderboard system is to be introduced to encourage students to further participate positively throughout the community, thereby instilling a deep sense of personal and social responsibility.  Students will then be able to use $PAC to purchase training equipment through the Guardian Gym website. Their $PAC can easily be spent by downloading the mobile $PAC wallet on Samsung or Apple software.

We at $PAC are proud to announce that Guardian Gyms have decided to name their classroom facilities as “The $PAC Classroom”.  Here, students will be educated in variety subjects along with gaining an insight into crypto and the important role it has to play in improving our society.

$PAC is the successor of PAC coin (PACcoin) via a community rebrand and relaunch.

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