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Shivom finalizes their first two exchanges for the OMX token – Coinbene and KuCoin, while simultaneously integrating with Jaxx

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Shivom is an emerging blockchain marketplace, developed for healthcare experts to meet and add their apps and services, using a more organized genomics ecosystem. It also serves as a platform for contributors to gain exclusive access to their genomic data, and to directly have control over its access, choosing who to access it and who not to access it. They are offered rewards as motivation to share their genomic data.

Shivom is poised to become the first blockchain based integrated solution for genome data donors and patients. It is going to further become the basis for an open web marketplace where other providers such as Hospitals, medical research organizations, patient support groups, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance companies meet up for the purpose of adding up their apps and services.

The Shivom OMX Token

The OMX token has been certified as the official exchange token of the Shivom community, it will serve as the legal tender and also as a part in the governance of the ecosystem. As expected on its release, OMX tokens will become the official currency that should be possessed by companies, organizations, and health research institutes that may have the interest to purchase genenomic data through the Shivom platform.

The OMX token is also billed to serve as a payment token for the use of third-party apps and the sponsor of genome sequencing projects.

Token Statistics

Token Name: OMX 

Token type: ERC20 

ICO Token Price: 1 OMX = 0.0930 USD (0.00014 ETH) 

Fundraising Goal: 35,000,000 USD

Total Tokens: 3,000,000,000 

Available for Token Sale: 33%

Why Shivom Integration On Jaxx?

With the success rate that Shivom experienced in its first ICO launch, it is not a surprise that a lot of stakeholders are already looking into the bubbling platform, with some already even thinking up possible ways to partner with the amazing project. Very recently, it was reported in a publication from the company that the Shivom Token, OMX has now been made available on Jaxx. This signifies that all Jaxx users can now use the OMX Token as an exchange token.

The integration was basically to expand the ecosystem of the platform, and allow for people who are routine for top exchanges to have an opportunity to invest in OMX, both as a token and as an investment.

Shivom OMX Token Listing On Coinbene And Kucoin -The Benefits

It’s been just a few weeks since Shivom finalized its ICO, and quite a number of exchanges are already looking into the amazing working process of the platform, with some exchanges showing early interest. Two of such exchanges that have shown significant interest according to reports from Shivom are Coinbene and Kucoin. The reports have come just shortly after Shivom sealed its ICO, having hit their target $35 million hardcap.

The listing has been done as another way to allow users who couldn’t participate in the crowdfunding campaign that was held by Shivom to get another massive opportunity to buy and trade the OMX tokens and join in the Shivom community.

What It Means For Investors

Crypto-savvy investors that may have their interest placed on the future value of the Shivom token do not need to wait any longer, especially as Kucoin and Coinbene are set to list Shivom on their platforms, which will help create more liquidity for the OMX token.


Co-founder and CEO of Shivom, Dr. Axel Schumacher is of the opinion that the listings on Coinbene and KuCoin is indeed a step in the right direction. He has further opined that the continued interest from most exchanges shows that Shivom is matching forward in its goal of having an MVP out in the last quarter.

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