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Tор 10 Bitcoin Blogs аnd Wеbѕіtеѕ оn Bіtсоіn Crурtо-Currеnсу аnd Blосkсhаіn Technology

Crystal Moore



This websites are popular and authority Bitcoin Blogs аnd Wеbѕіtеѕ that publish Bіtсоіn Crурtо-Currеnсу аnd Blосkсhаіn Technology news.


CoinDesk is the most popular blog for all the latest news popping out related to Bitcoin, Blockchain, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Ventures and other currencies and news related to cryptocurrency. CoinDesk is the world’s top blog for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies updates. It has a simple yet elegant interface for the viewers to read news easily it also has great features like a live ticker where bitcoin is being compared with other digital currencies.

Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph is a famous source of all bitcoin talks. It is considered an exclusive publication that publishes the articles from world’s leading money experts. It provides user with a better analysis on future of money and users can read all the hot news related to Bitcoin and its trending technologies.

CryptoCoins News

CryptoCoins News ( is a great blog giving breaking Bitcoin and FinTech news – concentrating on blockchain innovation, shrewd contracts and cryptographic forms of money.

Jack C.LIU’s Blog

This blog is named after a standout amongst the most compelling Bitcoin promoters in China, Jack C. Liu. He is the VP of Business Development and Strategy at OKCoin, one of the biggest Bitcoin organizations in China. He talks about how the Bitcoin is getting along in the market and what you can expect quickly on the planet economies. In the event that you think Bitcoins have a future over the long haul, you’ll need to peruse what this man needs to state. He is a specialist in the cash, and he trusts it will have long haul esteem. You can read his blog and choose for yourself whether the Bitcoin is only a transient money elective or a pillar type of trade.

Danno Ferrin runs this bitcoin blog, which concentrates principally on how bitcoin innovation identified with blockchain forms. He knows a great deal about piece chain investigation and concentrates on this on his blog. There is likewise a great deal of inside and out data about the patterns of fund, also. It gets into the quick and dirty of how bitcoins can possibly change the foundation of fund later on. Regardless of what your view, this will give you some data on which to base your feeling.

Blockchain Blog

This blog is exclusively for bitcoin and blockchain. It shares all the latest news of Bitcoin and technologies related to it. Blog

This is the official blog of Bitcoin and shares all the information and trends related to Bitcoin. It provides simple interface to reader and very commonly used blog for bitcoin enthusiasts.


Bitcoinist is a news portal which provides all the latest news of bitcoin, blockchain and Fintech. It also provides bitcoin news and reviews from all over the world.

If anyone needs information about Fintech, Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies news,  Techbullion is a go to authority news website for these. The website also organizes interviews with Blockchain CEOs and experts and publishes Press Releases on cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.


Interesting thing about this blog is that, apart from the latest trend and news on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, one can read on finance, economics, science and technology, and bitcoin technology insights as well.

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