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Top Sесrеt? Mісrоѕоft Oреnѕ Door to Gоvеrnmеnt Blосkсhаіn Uѕе

Crystal Moore



The Government agencies will now can access blockchain technology as Microsoft has launched Azure Government Blockchain Platform for Govt. officials to have access to cloud computing.

In this decentralized world where everyone is after digital currency and blockchain, many cryptocurrency ventures have emerged. Industries are making the better use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Amidst of all this, Microsoft has opened its gate and launched Azure Government Secret, to keep their data safe and provide govt agencies access to cloud computing. More government offices are thinking about and utilizing the likelihood to actualize distributed computing with the mean to give their delicate information being kept in a security. Propelled in 2015 as a path for private firms to try different things with blockchain instruments, Microsoft Azure’s putting forth now has innovation offerings from accomplice suppliers including Chain, ConsenSys and Emercoin in a sandbox domain. Be that as it may, while private division clients of Microsoft’s cloud administrations have possessed the capacity to work with those instruments for a considerable length of time, the stringent security prerequisites of the U.S. government have already kept these offices from using such items.

The account of the cloud stage was started by IBM when it reported a blockchain-based stage for seven conspicuous European banks. At that point Mircosoft ventured up not to be behind and declared its product system in view of the blockchain innovation. Oracle has done it in the relatively recent past.

Back in august 2017, New Coco Framework was launched by Microsoft which was also based on blockchain technology, with this aim to create a network of liable enclaves.  But the Microsoft Azure, which is a cloud computing platform, was launched in 2015 with the aim to create and control applications via a world-wide network of the Microsoftly Managed data centers.

The new service which Microsoft aims to launch is Azure Government secret by which the utmost sensitive data of US Government can be secured on blockchain technology. The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Microsoft Azure quoted “The U.S. government requires those data facilities to be operated by U.S. citizens with special clearance, and so the contractor we use meets that.”

This Azure Government blockchain platform is limited to Government officials and agencies only, this cloud of Microsoft’s Azure includes 7000 agencies by Government and over millions of employees. But the CTO of Microsoft Azure didn’t reveal any Government agency using this technology for the time being, but Governments officials will soon be conducting press conferences on this technology and their association with Microsoft’s Azure.

Microsoft also have plans for this newly started year as they also want to launch other more services for government agencies and officers, more concerned to the security of government data and mobility of enterprises. Having said this, for the time being the recently launched platform by Microsoft for the Governments, looks very promising and impressive towards the sensitive data of Government as it has to be on Blockchain.

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