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VCoin Mall Announces Launch Date for This Summer

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VCoin Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency compatible online store that allows visitors to purchase products and services from multiple major e-tailers, is set to launch on July 31st, 2018. This innovative new service represents the next stage for cryptocurrencies and their use. It will give people a whole new way to shop online and a way to use cryptocurrency like never before.

Cryptocurrency as a phenomenon is growing quickly in both utility and adoption. The key to the next stage of this growth is greater transactability, enabling services that allow people to easily use cryptocurrencies to buy the things they want. VCoin Mall does just that. It is an online shopping outlet where you can browse and purchase products from many of your favorite e-tailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Sparkle Coin. With VCoin Mall, you’ll be able to shop for real-world products and give your cryptocurrency tangible value and utility.

How Exactly Does VCoin Mall Work?

VCoin Mall will serve as an all-in-one destination for online shopping with cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to choose products from a single store or a combination of stores, and add those products to a single shopping cart. Then you can check out, pay with your cryptocurrency of choice, and the items will automatically be forwarded to the fulfillment store(s) for shipment. Browse, shop, purchase and have the items shipped to you, all within one service. Convenient, fast, easy.

Process to Transact:

  • Select products from a single or any combination of stores and add them into your shopping cart.
  • Select the Check Out button.
  • Pay using Sparkle Coin.
  • The payment system will automatically offer your Sparkle Coins for sale on VCoinExchange and / or other exchanges for the amount of the order.
  • Once the Sparkle Coins are sold, the order will be completed with
  • Your order will then be forwarded to the fulfillment store(s) for processing and shipment.
  • As an option, you may also pay using Bitcoin or Ether, however, you will actually be purchasing Sparkle Coin through VCoin Exchange to be use for the order. This is an automatic process and will be similar to paying directly using Sparkle Coin.

With growing consumer demand around more flexible and convenient real-world crypto usages, such as ecommerce purchases, VCoin is well positioned to tackle this demand. This peer-to-peer e-tailer will connect customers looking to use their cryptocurrencies with the online stores they already know and love. Combining the traditional with the new, it will be exciting to see how consumers reach in July when the new platform is launched.

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