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Zoom Announces Its Acceptance To‘Startup With IBM’

Eseandre Mordi



Zoom announces its acceptance to Startup with IBM, the global entrepreneurship program providing startups with technological tools and services, to develop and improve its global outsourcing platform

Zoom is a startup company whose creation was inspired by the construction business of the Nedyalkov family. For over 20 years, this business was responsible for overseeing the designing, planning and eventual building of residencies, hospitals and/or hotels. During this time, not only did this business experience multiple failed attempts at global outsourcing that would help their business processes run smoothly but also experienced resultant mistrust and absence of fair payment. Inspired by these experiences, Zoom’s CEO Plamen Nedyalkov went ahead to create Zoom with the vision of ensuring fair payment, responsibility, and teamwork.

Connecting Freelancers and Ensuring Accountability

Zoom, founded in 2017, is a platform that manages complex project tasks as well as connects freelancers with virtual companies needing their services. Zoom facilitates this connection through the use of the blockchain ID system, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and smart contracts. Zoom uses the security provided by the blockchain technology to build an ecosystem that supports and simplifies projects regarded as multistage and multi-stakeholder while also providing an employment portal for virtual companies that seek and hire freelancers.

The use of this blockchain technology is facilitated by the Zoom utility token which is integrated into Zoom’s ecosystem and serves as an incentive for the purchase of products and services from freelancers at a reduced cost. By combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence and its offerings, Zoom is able to design an employment portal from the perspective of virtual businesses that helps in securing payment systems, delegating job responsibilities to freelancers and also simplifies thehiring process.

About ‘Startup with IBM’

Formerly known as Global Entrepreneurship Program, ‘Startup with IBM’ is IBM’s global entrepreneurship program that drives business success by providing partners with powerful technology and marketplace services. ‘Startup with IBM’ helps its’ partners push platforms as well as a direct solutions to its target markets at a fast pace by giving these partners access to lots of useful technology usage credit, building, how-to-tutorials necessary for business success as well advanced technologies like Watson Supercomputer and Artificial Intelligence.

The partnership between Zoom and Startup with IBM

By being accepted into the Startup with IBM program, Zoom becomes an associated partner of the program. This partnership is one that would enhance Zoom’s global outsourcing platform as it would have access to IBM’s technologies. With the use of IBM’s data processing, AI Technologies, IOT, multiple code patterns and other IBM functionalities into its operations, Zoom will be able to improve its global outsourcing solution.Access to IBM’s Watson supercomputer as well as an adoption of this will enable Zoom users to have access to real-time guidance and transactions throughout the outsourcing process. Through IBM’s marketplace, Zoom will have access to millions of customers, partners, and developers as well as potential token investors.


Zoom has carved a niche for itself as a platform for the designing, planning, and execution of precise project management as well as for connecting freelancers to potential clients. By integrating IBM advanced technologies into its operations, Zoom will be able to continue providing solutions to users as well as cement its spot as the ultimate global outsourcing program.

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