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What is DankSignals?

Eseandre Mordi



DankSignals is an upcoming decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based platform that aims to bridge the gap between new investors and traders in the crypto market and access to comprehensive information for these new users to make the right choices on trading. It is a large community of individuals from all walks of life, gathered to share cryptocurrency trading knowledge and relevant experience.

Apart from granting exposure to trading strategies, market trend analysis and investment secrets to its users, the ecosystem is also an investment platform that provides users with diverse investment opportunities as well as integrated leasing options for artificial intelligence (AI) crypto trading services.

This cooperation will resolve the global issue of newly introduced cryptocurrency investors not knowing the ropes and how to go about their trading executions the right way. Users of DankSignals will be exposed to the roots of crypto-currency and will be taught details needed to trade successfully. This will cover a wide range of topics from trading strategies, to technical skills, security, profitability, making the right investment decisions, market trends and analysis.

Trading tools

DankSignals is practically a knowledge hub for traders and investors of cryptocurrency. The system provides automated trading services and tools that are available for lease by its users. These tools operate on nine technical indicators and directly helps users to make more informed decisions during purchase and sales. The trading tools are diverse and will allow users focus on other aspects without the hassles of juggling commercial operations with daily life. The platform has four tier investment packages that members can choose from to earn tokens after the sale based on your input selection.

Token and ICO

DankSignals uses the DANK token, an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token valued at $0.01 USD. The ICO is coming up on the 20th of April, to raise funds for the development of the platform and to finances for its members. Cryptocurrencies accepted will be ETH, BTC, LTC & ETC.

The Dank token is what members will use to take full advantage of the numerous services available on this club. With the token, users can socialize with other traders on the trading network, share trading lessons with detailed explanations of the market geography, meet with expert trade consultants and so on.

Other available services

Much like a normal social media platform, members of DankSignals can choose from wide range of options. They have the opportunity to:

  • Invest funds directly into DankSignals and receive weekly dividends based on the investment tier selected upon registration.
  • Buy and use any of the 9 trading tools from four major trading exchanges via application program interface configuration.
  • Connect with expert trade analysts for questions and inquiries at any time. 24/7 consulting access is enabled.
  • Follow the platform’s public trade signals on the online chat group.
  • Gain confidence in global crypto markets by utilizing the system’s Simulation Mode to test personal strategies over real time live market trends without using real currency.
  • Earning tokens directly by referring friends.
  • Use the available mobile Decentralized Application (DAPP) to access DankSignals services. The app will be available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

The DankSignals platform has a user-friendly website with the white paper available for download on the navigation bar. You can sign – up for the referral program today on the website and instantly receive 150 free DANK tokens, as well as your referral sign-ups will receive 150 DANK tokens! On Top of this wonderful bonus, you also receive 10% commissions from all contributions sent to the token sale by your referral sign-ups! It’s the ultimate way to bank a lot of profit even without participating in the token sale – if your community does!




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