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Why is it so Hard? Yolo Exchange has launched it’s ICO to address technical difficulties in the crypto exchange world.

Eseandre Mordi



In late 2017 and early 2018 a group of professionals and crypto enthusiasts got together to create a new coin and in recent time launched a new exchange. The group found 1 thing in common. They found it extremely difficult to trade crypto relatively easy and to do all their crypto trading in one place. The group realised there was a need for an “easy to use” platform that even mums and grandmothers could trade crypto relatively easy. The premise was that there is a definite need for a more user-friendly platform/ exchange that is of a high quality and promoting the trade of cryptocurrency across the world.

In early 2018 the cryptocurrency Yolo Coin was born as the main trading currency of the Yoloworld economy and Yesterday the Yolo Exchange ICO launched to invite token investors to support the YoloX project. The project offers investors many benefits and features but with the primary focus being the development of an easy to use trading exchange platform.

The YOLO.Exchange is the first ever instant approval KYC compliant verification exchange, which supports most blockchains such as ERC20, Waves, NEM, NEO, EOS, and so on. After numerous issues from various exchanges and due to their very broad experience in both software and blockchain development this setback has made them even more motivated to have their very own cryptocurrency trading platform. All types of coins or tokens are accepted in this platform, which is something that existing exchanges don’t have due to their own limitations.

Apart from the exchange, they already have YOLO Shift, which is their own version of Shapeshift where everyone can swap their coin or token to another type of it. In that case, when they want to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum, they can use YOLO Shift to successfully convert it with any amount.

The benefit of is that all YOLO holders will get their first 1000 transactions for FREE while new members will have a very low trading fee at just 1%. Also by having YOLO coin itself as the main trading pair of the exchange will certainly skyrocket the price of YOLO coin. which has 18,000 crypto traders had started an idea of launching a cryptocurrency trading exchange after finding numerous issues from other various crypto exchanges such as Yobit, Tidex to name a couple. C-Patex, one of the small exchanges in the cryptocurrency market had removed YOLO coin from their platform along with Waves and Organic Token due to some technical issues. Because of Daniel’s frustrations YOLO.Exchange came to life, he has now appointed himself as the CEO and co-founder of YOLO.Exchange.

The yolo Management Team which includes Tom Miller, a well-known blockchain developer of Ethereum who has joined the team in recent times. Tom with the YOLO co-founders Gamie Arroyo (CEO), Joel Peñafiel (Trading Manager), and Angelo Lauro (Finance Director) they are joining forces to create a cryptocurrency trading platform that is something that no other exchanges like Binance, Cryptopia, Kucoin and others have.

The YOLO.Exchange will have their own ERC20 token known as YLX, which is based on Ethereum. The pre-sale of YOLO.Exchange will begin on April 4th with 20 million YLX tokens worth 15,000 ETH are on sale at $0.30 per token. For the main crowdsale, it will be on May 14th with 100 million YLX tokens worth 75,000 ETH are on sale between 0.50 cents- $1 per token.

With an experienced team as the driving force it looks like they are on the right track to make this project a successful one.

Join the Pre-ICO here:

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