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Australian Blосkсhаіn Stаrtuр HCash Rаіѕеѕ $53M іn ICO

Crystal Moore



Hcash launched its ICO on June 28, 2017 and raised a whopping amount of $53 Millions, means it has raised 21,000 Bitcoins. That’s one great way to start as it broke all the previous records of Australian based cryptocurrency startup with the largest Initial Coin Offerings.

Hcash is another cryptocurrency venture, as the hype of cryptocurrency has taken the world with a storm, many start-ups are emerging with new ideas to use blockchain technology for a better future. Hcash is also a Blockchain based Startup which has raised 53$ in ICO. Basically, Hcash links blockchain and blockless. It is a decentralized and open source cross platform which is designed to be a side chain for both block based and blockless based Blockchain. Hcash owns a channel which is highly secured and authenticated, also one can exchange data and value across platform pretty easily because of its easy interface.

ICOs are a method where a cryptocurrency venture offer tokens that can be bought by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. hence, raising capital and avoiding the conventional way of fund raising. Ventures raise the value of offered token with this aim to provide a global solution and a promising digital future ahead.  Contrary to conventional based funding where equity is offered as no equity is distributed to token buyers.

Majority of Melbourne based Hcash investors are from China.  Because of its technology and blockchain security feature got more eyeballs and offers during its Initial Coin Offerings.

From Initial Coin Offerings till now, Hcash has achieved a lot and proved itself to be a company worth investing. Recently Hcash announced that it has made partnership with UnitedBitcoin (UB) and because of this agreement between these two the users will get benefits. This mutual agreement will allow HYP and Hcash to grow its ecosystem, while enabling UB to stay mature to its aim of becoming a most stable currency to be used in everyday transactions.

As sensible contracts are universally understood to be one among the foremost helpful tools within the cryptocurrency system, the Hcash team has worked laborious to introduce this in Hcash by making a smart contract protocol that’s extremely versatile and capable of execution complicated codes seamlessly. Once coming up with the smart contract protocol, Hcash developers were conscious of the likelihood of severe lags within the chain attributable to massive volumes of transactions, and wished to make a smart contract protocol that may cut back the chance of such issues. To boot, by victimization C++11 and glua’s programmable smart contracts, it has additionally become an occasion for little to medium-sized businesses to adopt blockchain technology to utilize in their regular business transactions and operations.

Dallas Brooks, CEO of Hcash said:

“Hcash is the first Australian blockchain which aims to link the current mainstream blockchains, such as bitcoin and Ethereum, with the next generation of blockchain technology. We expect Hcash to mark the beginning of a new era of blockchain technology where isolated blockchains can communicate and recognize each other”.

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