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Blockchain Powered Online Hotel Booking Platform Unlocks Over 400,000 Hotels

Eseandre Mordi



GOeuroka a blockchain based platform about to go live is offering customers the opportunity to book from a wide selection of 400,000 hotels, with more additions to be made in the future. This blockchain powered hotel booking platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The decision to launch this platform on the Ethereum blockchain helps the platform cut the need for middlemen or intermediaries, thus, passing rewards and savings down to the customers.

This soft alpha version of the GOeuroka platform has been released, enabling users to book hotel rooms with absolutely zero commission, receive loyalty benefits and rewards, without any hidden fee or charge. With the launch of this platform, GOeureka will become one of the few to actually try hotel bookings on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. Asides from being launched on the Ethereum network, the GOeureka platform has an existing infrastructure of hotels that have been made available to them.

Currently, this hotel booking platform has an impressive board made up of C-level management from Accor Hotels and Agoda as well as others in the hotel industry. According to reports, the number of hotels listed on the GOeureka platform is gradually increasing, thus, giving them a much significant edge over their competitors both in the blockchain world and outside. There are a handful of hotel booking sites that have gained prominence, most charging about 10 to over 30% commission on each room rate. Often times, this fee happens at the backend of the site, with little or no transparency of cost to the consumer.

How GOeureka Will Change The Hotel Booking Industry

The cost of booking a room may vary depending on certain factors or conditions like; the transaction, the online booking site, and the bed bank wholesaler. GOeureka seeks to simplify the general hotel booking process, reduce the cost of retail bookings, give consistent and fair prices to customers, end ensure ease of transaction between the customer and the hotel. By eliminating the need for middlemen and allowing these hotels to deal directly with their customers, the GOeureka platform ensures that all arbitrary fees previously paid will be erased, as well as customers receiving accumulated benefits and rewards. Also, these hotels are able to cut down the supply chain to the barest minimum, thus, making it far more efficient and cheaper for them to operate.

Manraj Rai the CEO of GOeureka while speaking to newsmen stated that this platform will act as a revolutionary that will elevate the standards of the online hotel booking industry. Rai went further to mention that when booking through online websites, there is usually a disconnect in what the customers are paying for and what they are receiving. He further revealed that these customers are losing out on so many benefits and rewards which have been absorbed by these booking sites, at the same time paying arbitrary high commission fees.


The developers of this platform seek to simplify the hotel booking process, thus, bringing transparency, clarity to the customers, value, and a perfect tech solution that would help customers save loads of money and also earn loyalty rewards.

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