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Breaking News: OiCoin presents one of the most prospective precious metal investment opportunities, aptly powered by blockchain

Eseandre Mordi



It is a trend for a larger percentage of ideal investors to put their investments in value items that have shown tendencies for long-term relevance and profitability. However, one important factor to this is being able to determine what opportunities to leverage on, and based on these criteria. Over the years, precious metals seem to be the option, with a lot of investors flocking into this sector, as the days go by.

Although gold seems to have the largest investment capitalization at this time, some other metals have turned out to be very prospective as well. One of these metals is the scarcest and densest metal that is known. It is the precious metal Osmium, which is about 4000 times denser than gold.

Osmium is gaining speedy relevance and usability in the jewelry industry, and it may become a major raw metal in the near future. This is because years of research has helped in bringing the metal to a stable non-toxic form, via ingenious crystallization processes. However, this process is not yet known to the majority of precious metal processors, hence the importance of the OiCoin innovation.

The OiCoin revolutionary solution

It is likely, that Osmium had not been able to gain so much popularity because of people’s inability to pull through with the stability crystallization processes- that are essential for its massive user adoption. The OiCoin investment company remains the only company with a detailed know-how on the crystallization processes that brings Osmium to a top-notch level. Thus, considering the company’s roadmap, the world may be set to experience some form of investment store of value change, with attention being focused on the osmium market. This brings the germaneness of OiCoin to light, and it may become the company of the near future.

The OiCoin investors’ roadmap

The Osmium Investment Coin (OiCoin)- an ERC 20 token, is designed to serve as a digital tool that allows the holders of it, participate in revenue distribution acquired from crystallized Osmium sales. All of the token allocation and operations would be implemented on the platform’s protocol.

Intending investors would be able to participate in the donations via the company’s ICO crowdfunding event. Now, unlike the regular ICO events, OiCoin is much more valid because it has an existing business operation.

Other information relating to the ICO can be obtained directly from the company’s homepage at or on the whitepaper obtainable via

Members of the public may also get interactive on the company’s official channels and social media pages:




You may also view OiCoin’s repository code on Github:

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