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CargoCoin Aims To Revolutionize The Global Transport And Trade Industry Through Decentralization.

Eseandre Mordi



CargoCoin Beats All the Problems Related To Trade And Transport. The transport industry is not only one of the largest economic sectors in today’s world but also is the least advanced in terms of technology. All kinds of shipping cargoes have a lot of paperwork. Sending these original paper documents require couriers, which is a waste of time. Bank wire transfers and letter of credits, that are very expensive and non-confidential methods of payment, are used to pay for cargoes and freights. Many times, the traditional fiat money transactions get blocked for weeks by banks, leading to delays in delivery and money transfers which, in turn, depreciates the cost of assets.

CargoCoin has introduced a solution to these problems by using the blockchain technology. In other words, CargoCoin connects the blockchain technology to the world of transport, logistics, and trading, while fully replacing paper documents. With its smart contract feature, payments can now be secure, fast and decentralized. CargoCoin will allow a transparent platform that will let various companies connect with people who work in the trade and transport industry. The main objective is to provide a system that will be easier to interact and engage with for receiving, sending and approving transportation documents.

Features And Benefits Of CargoCoin

  • Decentralized Payments: The CargoCoin’s ecosystem and its services provide the base for decentralized instant cryptocurrency transactions using CRGO tokens. It relies on the public architecture of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Flexibility: CargoCoin is flexible in allowing the parties that are involved to easily select the terms and conditions that they choose to interact with. Options for custom negotiated term forms enhances user experience.
  • Safe Archiving: CargoCoin relies fully on the historic storage of data of all the transactions that have taken place which avoids the risk of physical destruction or loss of paper documents.
  • Reducing Fraud: CargoCoin does not release payments until the pre-set conditions of the counterparty are not met. Payments are guaranteed by default.
  • Minimal Delays: By providing instant exchange, approval and reviewing of documents, CargoCoin prevents delays.
  • Lowers Costs: Fine print fees charged by couriers, brokers and banks are eliminated. Unlike Bank L/C, guaranteed payments will not ask for extra charges.

ICO and CRGO Tokens

CargoCoin’s ICO had been a very successful one, since it is also mentioned as one of the hottest ICO in the top ICO sites. The CRGO tokens can be bought with any other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. A total of 100 million tokens were offered at stage 1 of the ICO. Following the pre-ICO, another ICO took place where 55 million tokens were distributed at a price of 1.00 USD. The hard cap of CargoCoin’s ICO project is estimated to reach 55 million USD while the total capitalization after the completion of the ICO is estimated to reach up to 60 million USD.


After knowing the kind of problems faced by the transportation industry and the benefits of CargoCoin, the world’s largest economic sector should definitely choose to use CRGO tokens. Based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, the security speaks for itself. After all, blockchain is the future. The CRGO tokens will prove to be very helpful to both, the stakeholders and the transporting companies.  

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