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CDRX is Bridging the Gap Between the Crypto Market and $600tn Global Securities Market

Eseandre Mordi



The global securities market is highly valued, with $600 trillion being exchanged on it in the form of equities, bonds and derivatives.

People usually have a lot of questions regarding the securities market. One of the main questions they have is how can they trade in the $600 trillion worth of global securities market that include equities, bonds and derivatives and that too as easily as Bitcoin.

Tapping the potential of the global securities market and starting to trade on it has been made easy with the help of CDRX. CDRX opens the possibility of tapping in the potential of the market with its exchange and instruments.

What Is CDRX and How It Lets You Explore The Global Securities Market

CDRX is a multi purpose platform, which offers its very own unique exchange. The exchange is linked to the global securities market. Once you register and start trading on it, you can be connected to the $600 trillion global securities market.

CDRX bridges the gap between crypto markets and traditional markets, by securitizing equity-based tokens and allowing them to trade on a singular exchange.

Trading securities, therefore, is made easy with the CDRX platform. In fact, it is as easy as Bitcoin.

CDRX primarily operates through CDRs, which are crypto depository receipts. These instruments open a whole new spectrum of investment opportunities. Through CDRs, investors can hold fractional ownership of the stocks. This allows investors to buy stocks of big companies such as Apple and others which otherwise would not have been possible, especially with low initial capital.  Moreover, with fractional ownership, transaction costs are close to none. This again is a big benefit of exchanging in CDRs.

While each CDR represents a single share, they can be traded in fractions too. You can even trade single or multiple shares with it. The choice is yours.

Furthermore, when it comes to sell a CDR, investors get more liberty as they can be traded on the exchange or they can be sold directly between parties.

Essentially, CDRs value the underlying assets on blockchain.

CDRX offers 24/7 trading on its exchange and this is combined with a high speed-matching engine that makes trading very easy. Furthermore, it supports global liquidity sourcing and it ensures to provide deep markets in order to meet client needs successfully. As a part of the exchange, traders can limit and stop orders on the exchange too. Furthermore, professional clients can benefit from the periodic auction service at CDRX. Lastly, the exchange supports multiple institutionally acceptable settlements.

CDRX essentially offers a platform to exchange and deal in CDRs. CDRs allow fractional ownership of top stocks such as those of Amazon and Apple. That in itself is a fairly big deal. Furthermore, CDRX lets you start with something as small as $10. CDRs make it all happen. CDRX provide a platform where investors of all kinds and virtues can get access to $600 trillion worth of securities including bonds, derivatives and equities.

Head over to today and experience finance at its best.

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