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Blueocean Ventures II: Invest in Europe’s First Tokenized Medtech VC Fund Ever

Eseandre Mordi



BlueOcean Ventures ll becomes the first tokenized medtech VC fund with the launch of a dedicated ICO platform, SwissVCToken, to allow token holders to gain profit from startup investments.

According to reports, Blueocean Ventures II, one of the leading investors in medical devices and life science start-ups has announced the launch of an ICO platform SwissVCToken which will be dedicated to the sale of the Blueocean Ventures II native BOV token. Blueocean Ventures II is keen on investing in these medical devices to ensure that there is an environment for the development of innovations that will make the world a more comfortable and better place for all.

Growth Of The Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology (medtech) industry is creating a virtual means of monitoring, treating, and diagnosing an infinite range of health-related issues that affect the general world population. To sustain health in a more productive way,h companies are streamlining healthcare services, building devices that are capable of catering to even the minute or smallest needs of patients, and providing emergency aid situations. Some of the products that have been developed by some Medtech companies have been able to offer timely treatment methods to the society at large and have at the same time managed to help prevent certain ailments and diseases through modern testing facilities. With the increasing growth of the medtech industry as well as the development of certain specialized equipment and services that save lives, there is every need for these innovative companies and their ideas to increase or grow at the same rate as the industry.

Focus Of Blueocean Ventures II

Being the first tokenized medtech company, Blueocean Ventures II focuses most if not all of its investments in the production of medical devices and diagnostic companies located in certain countries in Europe and Switzerland. It also invests in start-ups in digital health, life sciences, as well as nanotechnology. With the help or assistance of a large network of experts and advisors, this medtech investor is able to help build, manage, and coach each of the start-ups it invests in with strategic vision and financial guidance.

Currently, this first tokenized medtech venture, Blueocean Ventures II has invested in about five (5) promising start-ups. These start-ups are; Ava, which was voted the best Swiss start-up for two years, Volumina Medical, Rheon Medical, Luciole Medical, and Atonic. This platform to be launched will offer Blueocean Ventures II the opportunity to sell its native BOV token which is not just backed by the value of the existing portfolio, but by real assets. This token will allow investors from far and wide to indirectly gain profits from the portfolio of the Blueocean Ventures II company.

Benefits Of Holding The BOV Token

Being the first tokenized medtech fund, the BOV token will offer accredited and registered investors access to these benefits;

  • Liquidity: all venture capital investments will become tradable as Blueocean will transform the venture capital assets with high liquidity into tradable assets.
  • Assets backed; with this BOV tokens, investors will be able to participate in an already established or existing portfolio of five of the most outstanding ventures from the medical sector
  • Accessibility; provision of fiat and cryptocurrency payment option for those seeking to invest in BOV token.

Token Pre-sale

October 15, 2018, will be the beginning of the pre-sale of the token which is being accompanied by a 60% bonus.


Being the first tokenized medtech investor, Blueocean Ventures II seeks to ensure that the needs of patients are well catered for and that the world becomes more comfortable for all.

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