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DAOstack explainer series: how Arc.js serves front-end development

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Importance of Front-End Development in Business

There’s a reason why traditional software development teams are structured so that the role of a front-end designer is somewhat segregated from that of a back-end developer. User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design require dedication on its own, so designers and developers can focus on understanding their target users, how they behave, and how to address their needs enough to keep them from looking for solutions elsewhere.

At the same time, UI/UX Design is a big determining factor that can dictate whether an application will gain mass adoption and thrive, or if it will be overtaken by applications that may be newer and even inferior in terms of capabilities, but are better designed and more user-friendly. The front end of an application can spell the difference between life and death for an application. That’s how important front-end design is; it’s vital to traditional businesses, and will continue to be so for new-age technology—including blockchain-based projects.

The front end of any platform requires a solid flow and is designed with the psychology of the intended users in mind. This is where several blockchain-based applications alienate their target users: when UI/UX has not been designed seamlessly, it can lead to frustration and a feeling of alienation, and ultimately ends in avoidance by users. An idea or tool, no matter how potent, will not be adopted by users if nobody can understand it.

It’s easy to see several big industry names raving about how blockchain will revolutionize everything. Yet almost ten years since its inception, development, while impressive, has been quite limited to the few who have the skills, funds, and resources to make the shift to the new programming languages required to wield its powers.

This is where blockchain technology fails its promise of inclusion: the complexities of building applications and organizations within this infrastructure continue to shut out the majority of the population, effectively holding the world back from fully realizing the technology’s potential.

To get over this hindrance, DAOstack has formulated a complete range of tools to meet developers halfway—a bridge between what they do not know, and what they need to do.

DAOstack Arc and bridging with Arc.js

One of the biggest hindrances to the mass adoption of blockchain technology is the complex process and language involved in building projects on top of it. The process of onboarding developers and start-up founders into the new business environment delivered by blockchain technology has been quite difficult.

To accelerate mass adoption and transition to the blockchain-powered infrastructure, DAOstack built Arc from the ground up—a collection of smart contracts to facilitate decentralized autonomous governance on Ethereum. Arc was made to propel decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and their decentralized applications (DApps) through a secure, resilient, customizable, and scalable governance platform that is compatible with existing Ethereum DApps. Through Arc, DAOs can openly collaborate and coordinate with other DAOs and DApps—much like traditional business-to-business transactions.

But since Arc itself requires a certain level of familiarity with Ethereum smart contract programming language Solidity, DAOstack developed Arc.js—a library that operates the Arc Solidity framework via Web3.js and makes it easy for front-end JavaScript developers to build applications on Arc, even when they don’t know how to code in Solidity. In other words, Arc.js is a JavaScript bridge between UX/UI and Arc, enabling developers to build collaborative DApps without having to learn Solidity and helping them get around their skills gap so they can focus on doing what they do best—easy, intuitive, appealing, and potentially life-changing applications.

Through Arc.js, developers can interact with blockchain technology and build meaningful projects instantly, without being restricted and alienated by an unfamiliar development environment. Arc.js is DAOstack’s proactive approach to solving the skills gap that hinders businesses from adopting blockchain technology, enabling everyone to immediately reap the full benefits of blockchain technology, minus the headaches.

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